Travel On My Mind…

Canada 🇨🇦! Iceland 🇮🇸! Slovakia 🇸🇰! South Korea 🇰🇷! Cuba 🇨🇺! Morocco 🇲🇦! Lyon, France 🇫🇷! Dominican Republic 🇩🇴! 

Travel is always on my mind but right now I’m feeling this huge travel bug probably because is the start of a New Year and we put things in perspective or perhaps because I can never have enough of cultures and the wonders the come with visiting new places, meeting new people and even just passing them by in the airport or the streets changes us… One thing is for sure once you take off you never return the same person… the change may be small but is there and it can’t be undone. 

Travel My Friends… Traveling turns us into better humans…

Song of the day: Sway with Me

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