Sometimes Life Feels Just Like a Song…

Home-Im-a-phoenix-in-theI always find myself relating my life to the music I listen to, it is so easy for me to see a part of my life in the lines of a song or even in the mood of the melody. This song is definitely a certain mood I’m in at the moment so I thought it would be nice to save it as a memory because after all a blog is sort of a digital diary of someone’s life and what they felt in that exact moment. ‘Home’ for me has change so many times in my life  that it makes me relate to this song even more, specially now as I live once again in another place that I get to call home though this one is different as it was my decision and not my parents or the circumstances around my life in the moment. ‘Home’ is always going to be for me how my heart feels, the level of happiness I feel inside. The location doesn’t really seem to matter but what always seems to matter most is the people we surround ourselves with in each new place.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset*I took this picture last year & decided to write this on it as it fits with the mood of the songs I listed below.

Songs of the moment:

Gabrielle Aplin – Home

Gabrielle Aplin – Please Don’t Say You Love Me

Tom Odell – Another Love

Matt Corby Brother – Brother

For me is also intriguing to see or read what the artist had to say about the lyrics. Gabrielle explained the lyrics to each of her songs on her English Rain album on a blog post. This is the explanation of Home:

I’ve definitely written about Home before. I had the chorus for about a year before I finished the song. I wrote it when I moved to London two years ago. It’s about realising where home is for you. For me it wasn’t the house I was in but the people I was with.

Inspo Quotes1*Some Images are mine others I collected from Google.

Enjoy Your Sunday,

Dani 🙂


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