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Once and for all I feel inspired to save money… this journey started in 2013 when I started to idealize the idea of saving money in order to quit my job and go travel… it sort of worked out for a very short period of time but quickly I learned that money runs fast specially when you are not used to budgeting and you still haven’t grasp the concept of understanding that sometimes you are literally buying just to fill a void, to make up for an area of your life that is lacking and you compensate by getting yourself brand new shiny things… well the process slowly but shortly continued on sort of a roller coaster ride… I think I have to thank Sarah Nourse, a YouTuber who speaks about finances and saving money, somehow one of her videos and a phrase she said just clicked and I sort of woke up from my slumber dreams and I decided to start gaining control of my finances… to live with less and having a peace of mind when it came to putting money aside to feel financially secured. I don’t want to struggle and have to live life paycheck to paycheck, I’m sure no one wants that so why not do something about it? Learn from those that have already done it, research, make peace with that fact that money is not evil is necessary and it gets us from Plan A to Plan B and sometimes all the way to Plan Z. This post is a conscious reminder for me to keep saving but in general just to be more mindful of where my money goes. 
Here are of the methods I found helpful:

***Pay Yourself First***

*Think Your Purchases, ask yourself if is necessary? If it will serve a purpose? If is a Want vs. Need? Could you wait to buy it? and so on.

*Arrange all your bills to be due on the same day, for me it works to have them at the beginning of every month. 

*Host Dinner Parties or Drinks at your Casa! You will spend a lot less than going out to eat or going to a bar for drinks plus you can even spend less if you ask your friends to bring something each and if you ended up buying everything yourself you will still spend a lot less.

*What Memberships could you close? That are simply not truly necessary. 

*Avoid malls and shopping stores.

*Make a groceries list and even try to plan out what kind of meals you will be making for the week in order to not buy food you may not need and may end up having to throw it away because you didn’t get to use it.

*Keep your fridge clean so that you know what you have in your fridge and can use it. Keep your closet clean, what you don’t use or like give it away. 

*Focus on your interiors, make your space comfortable and a good place to spend time in. 

*Watch Minimalism videos on YouTube and the documentary on Netflix… not to have your brain washed but just to hear and listen to different perspectives and then make up your own decisions. 
***Caution: this is not to Live in misery, the point is to be mindful, to appreciate what you have and really spend on things that are of Need and the Wants can be left for sometimes. Maybe use the Wants as rewards when you have reach certain saving Mile Stones. 
**Create a Emergency Saving Fund of at least $500 to $1,000. After you have your ESF start saving for whatever it is you wish to save for.

Method 1: is the best easiest to start with…

-Pay Yourself 10% of your Paycheck

-Do as you wish with the rest.

If your paycheck is $1,000 you will set $100 aside every time you get pay. 

Method 2: I find this one more effective…

Your Bi-weekly income is $1,000

-50% = for bills ($500)

-30% = for your spending ($300)

-20% = for saving ($200)

*Optional if you have money left when your next paycheck comes around add it to your savings.
Method 3: At the end of the day this are your finances, so you may need to find your on method. 

Method 3: Mini Cents 

Open a Savings Account, Go on your Online Banking and add a automatic withdraw of $1-6 dollars to go to your savings daily. I started it off with having my account automatically take $5 daily as this probably what I would use for coffee if I buy coffee everyday and even though is not a lot of money at the end of a year I have a little over $2,000 saved from such a small amount that I don’t even notices when is taken out. 

Here is the math of daily saving of $5-6 for 1 whole year. Even if you want to start with $1 or $2 just do it, starting with something is better than nothing. And just seeing the numbers on your Savings go up will motivate you to keep going. Give it a Go! 🙂 

$5 x 365 = $1,825

$6 x 363 = $2,910

Method 4: Create What Works For You

*** Main thing is to have a goal, an idea of why or what you are saving for.***

***The emergency 🚨 fund 💰 is for Emergency not part of your goal, just there to help you in sudden times of needs.

Rihanna – B#%* Better Have My Money 

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You (new favorite)

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