It’s My Birthday!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.59.40 PMSooo happy to be one year younger!!!! Even Google wished me a Happy birthday hahaha

I am beyond Happy and Thankful with all that I have lived so far.

This is the first birthday in a longgg time that I’m actually at home doing absolutely nothing but somehow I feel beyond happy! I think is because I have done so many amazing things already, challenging myself on several occasions, embracing life for all it has to offer the good and the bad that is nice to be able to lay here on my bed and just reminiscence on all the incredible memories and experiences in this 25 years of life! Thank you Universe for putting all the amazing people that are constantly in my life, that come by every so often, or the strangers I get the chance to meet only once! I don’t have wealth but today I feel extremely wealthy in memories!

A Song for the Current Mood! – Pharrell Williams – Happy

I Love You Magical World! Thank you for another wonderful year!!!!


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