My Amazing Valentina!

A Beautiful Mug I had my eyes one for a while now and delicious Strawberry and Aloe Tea!

A Beautiful Mug I had my eyes on for a while now and delicious Strawberry and Aloe Tea!

Just look at this beautiful gift my dear friend Valentina sent me today! I have severe bronchitis and have to stay home this week but Valentina made sure my roommate brought me back this thoughtful gift. The gift itself is beautiful of course but for me is all about the thought behind the gift and knowing how thoughtful Valentina is I know all the amazing thoughts she put into it! Thank you so much for making my day EXTRA EXTRA BRIGHT! I am still smiling from ear to ear as I write this. My heart melts completely to know that I have such caring and amazing friends in my life.



The day I took this picture I started to think of a post I needed to write about Valentina because of all we have shared in such a short period of time of knowing each other, I just knew I have to dedicate a whole post to her. Because she inspires me in so many ways that she may never even know. Valentina is my partner of coffee-shops and dream crimes!

The Universe is funny, clever and knows exactly what to do with your life because interestingly enough Valentina and I happen to have the same shift at work which is the reason why our friendship has grown to a friendship I know will last a lifetime! This is how we started to go enjoy some fun and dreamy chats after work over an awesome cup of tea, coffee, and of course our favorite Chia Latte from Urban House!

We do not solve world problems over our cups of tea and coffee but having a loyal friend when you live far away from home who is there to listened to you unconditionally is very special and creates a bond very hard to break.

Meeting Valentina and all the incredible friends I have made since moving to Slovakia is one of the main reasons I would NEVER regret my decision of coming here. Today I also received other lovely texts from my friends from work to check up on my health status, so sweet! 🙂

But anyway I am just beyond Thankful with the Universe for putting such amazing people in my path. Thank you Valentina for your constant inspiration on everything from life to travel, to being courageous, daring me to dream bigger, our love for Art and Creativity, and all you do for those around you! You are a truly Amazing and Inspirational friend! 🙂

*Valentina has started a blog and you can click here to check it out!

Lastly a song of course!

Lean on Me by Bill Whiters (*Fun Fact – this was 1 of the first songs I learned in English and is a perfect friendship song!

Feel free to share lovely friendship stories or thoughtful gifts with me in the comments below! Have a Lovely Thursday, Friday is almost here! 🙂 <3