Spice Up Your Black Skinny Jeans or Plain Tops!

tumblr_mlzv0gGGuA1sp26bho1_1280A little while ago my cousin asked me what she could wear to look thinner… There are some tricks to looking trimmer but at the end of the day I think is how you wear it not what you wear… I say this because I can see the prettiest girl with the best outfit yet if her persona or aura seems condescending it completely ruins her look for me. But if you are dress nice and have a beautiful smile that really charms me or wearing rags as long as your aura is radiant you will shine! There is something about a genuine smile that is just priceless no matter what you are wearing, if you have a smile on your face I guarantee that you are bound to charm others.

But a trick or two that I think will help is wearing black or more neutral colors and very little patterns, and less funky clothing. Though don’t forget to have fun, it is your life after all so be happy and comfortable with what you choose to wear. Adding more extravagant accessory is always best and will still give you the super cool edge on your outfit. For example I prefer to wear a shoe or bag or even scarf the will be more out there and just keep my clothes on the simple side.

Here is an example of how I would spice up a simple black or white T-shirt:

FullSizeRenderThese are just some simple ideas to have fun with and get inspiration from, hope you enjoy them! 🙂

*My Lovely Students Spiced Up my blazer this week by bedazzling it with sparkly stickers!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.29.40 PM As always a song to end my post! Loving Geronimo right now! Sheppard – Geronimo

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

-Dani 🙂