The Thing About New Year’s Resolutions…

List to Do for ‘13!

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” – Charles Bukowski …  LET’S CHANGE THIS! – Me
  1. Be HappyDon’t forget the Contract!
  2. 1 Trip Abroad
  3. Go See Grandparents -DR
  4. See another State
  5. Do Yoga 5 times a week
  6. Save money – NO impulse shopping
  7. Read 15 Books – pending LC, FS/3, HG/3, TWOWS, & Stoker’s Dracula.
  8. Take GRE
  9. Write & Paint more often
  10. Learn Photography
  11. Bedroom Renovation
  12. DON’T Forget ALL you have accomplished at such a young age!
  13. Less time Apologizing & More time Doing Right.
  14. Dear Dani, Please Finish what You Start!

Pursue a job that’s in keeping with your love of ART, MUSIC, & BEAUTY.

The thing about New Year’s Resolutions is that we often expect too much therefore when we don’t accomplish all these “resolutions” we feel completely unaccomplished.  But I think it is still important to write them down so we can come back to it by the end of the year and see what we have accomplished. BUT one thing I think is pointless is telling the whole world your “New Year’s Resolutions” because it won’t help you in my opinion if you truly want to accomplish something the cheers from those around you will help but at the end of the day is really up to you to move forward with your wishes and desires.

Here are all the details on how my whole List went down…

I made this list at the beginning of 2013 because I wanted a few things to change in my life, if I was going to be happy I needed to make these changes to my life. So far I have to say I have not accomplished all that it is on the “To Do List” but I am pretty happy with what I have done so far. 1 – Being happy, I have definitely being a lot more happy this year, I feel like I have a better sense of what I want and I am trying my best to cope with life as a real working adult. The part about the contract is a contract I made with my cousin & roommate about being happy. 2 – Sadly I have not taken any trips abroad but I did go to NYC & Florida. 3 – Sadly I didn’t accomplish this one. 4 – I have not seen a new State but I did see Roosevelt Island, an island I had never heard of that lies between Manhattan and the borough of Queens. 5 – Okay, I have not become a professional Yoggi but I have definitely done more Yoga than ever this year, I signed up for a entire month of Bikram and loved it, have not gone to many more classes after that month because yoga is pricey but I use YouTube videos at home to keep doing Yoga at least once per week! 6 – I have finally learn to save money! I have used a lot of what I have saved but I have actually saved money and not touched it for months which is incredible considering I am the worse at saving money because I always want to live in the “now” and NOT later, soon I will write a post on my saving technique! 7 – Reading 15 books – this one I have failed at miserably, I have barely read 6 books so far, I have read a lot of blogs and articles but 15 full books no. 8 – The dreadful GRE uggghhh I do not want to take that damn test, I HATE long test, and still have not taken it. 9 – I have definitely being writing a lot more specially now that I started the blog btw my apologies for the LONG post. As for painting I signed up for a painting class and it was AMAZING, it was super chill but it taught me and help me so much, I have taken it twice already that’s how much I love it! 10 – I decided to use some of my taxes and invest in a DSLR Camera, I completely LOVE how awesome and clear the pictures are BUT I have to admit that I take pretty good pictures simply with my iPhone 4S, and I am really starting to believe that the quality of the pictures is more on how good the person is at capturing a moment/lighting than the actual quality of the camera itself. ALSO learning photography is something that is ongoing and you know what they say “Practice makes perfect!”  11 – A Full Bedroom Renovation has not happened but a few new improvements have being made. 12 – I am constantly reminding myself all that I have accomplished at such a young age and I even wrote it all down once, is important to remind ourselves of our worth. 13 – The apologizing part comes because of the word “Sorry” which is truly a hated word of mine because I feel that in the States we use it so much that the word has actually started to loose is meaning for me, so now I only try to use it when I truly mean it. 14 – This last one makes me laugh because seriously I am so great at starting anything but sometimes I started to self doubt myself and loose interest in finishing what I’ve started though little by little I try to push myself a little harder every time and that is what life is “trying” we are constantly trying to better ourselves, to survive, to enjoy, & to be happy as much as we can because we are only certain of YOLO.(Shameful but I totally needed to use YOLO here)

Does anyone out there makes these a “To Do List” or “New Year’s Resolutions”?

Line from the movie  "Un amour de jeunesse"

Line from the movie “Un amour de jeunesse”