Indoor Piquenique … Indoor Picnic…

Indoor Picnic!

Indoor Picnic!

Oh my little baby Blog is been a while… Life happens… so here we go…

Let’s talk about “Indoor Picnic!”… As much as I love “Parklife” sometimes that weather is just not suitable for the occasion. But are we gonna let that stop us? Are we? Nooooo!!! Haha I am crazy but hey the crazies have more fun so is okay! When the weather doesn’t cooperate with our plans we bring the picnic indoors! If you have the space I say go all out and put a blanket on the floor, I live in a small place so the floor is not much of an option but I still managed, so I set the picnic in a small table. We laughed, we ate, we drank, and we simply had a good time regardless of the snow and cold weather outside. Sometimes we can’t just let life get away with things we have no control of, unless we are biffles with ‘Mother-Nature’ but we can certainly outsmart it and try our own new ways, sometimes it will work other times it won’t but at least we try!

Little fun fact – the super yellow cheese on the pic is from my lovely island Dominican Republic and is one of my favorite cheeses, is called Queso Geo! Queso means Cheese!

Of course I could not finish a blog post without giving you a song of the day, so here it is Endeløs by Danish singer Ramus Walter… Endeløs means Endless. HERE enjoy! 🙂