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I am currently listening to the book Stoicism by Tom Miles, I have to say that I am quite impressed so far and haven’t even finished the the book so I wanted to share a few lines that I really enjoy from the book. Also to encourage anyone reading this to try to get into books wether is reading or listening to them, it is so beneficial to space the mind, put things in perspective, and even learn new things from time to time. I know reading is not for everyone, I personally love both reading and listening to books but I am also very flexible and don’t try to finish everything I start just because I already have it which is probably why I do enjoy reading. Sometimes I prefer to nibble around different books specially when I can’t seem to bring myself to finish one I’ve already started because I have lost interest or just not in the mood for it. So don’t feel like you always have to finish every book you start sometimes is just good to pick this and that from various book, the point in my opinion is to read for the sake of reading and gaining knowledge that may be helpful for us in everyday life, to enlighten or brighten our mood! Getting lost in a book is a magical magical thing! Give it a try! 😉

The images are from Tom Miles book Stoicism, Chapter 3 – the highlighted parts are the ones that resonated most with me and I felt the need to share them! I have the book both on Audible and Kindle. Books are something I never regret spending money on.

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Songs of the Moment:

Kygo – Raging ft. Kodaline

Kygo – I’m in Love ft. James Vincent McMorrow

Alan Walker – Sing Me To Sleep

Justin Bieber – Company

Pablo Alborán – Recuérdame

Anuhea “Simple Love Song” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

A few Pictures from my trip to Slovenia and Italy over a week ago! IMG_9571IMG_9538 IMG_3632