Haunting Me… Sneak Pic!

“You may hate being an artist… but if you are, it will haunt you until you’re doing it.” – Catherine Westergaard

Took this quote from an Insta pics of Interview Magazine and just completely love that quote… The painting below I named it “Haunting Me” before I even read this quote as the shapes in the painting had been just haunting me, I could not forget them or get them out of my head. Therefore I simply just had to create the painting! Sometimes I think is important to create those art pieces that won’t leave our minds until we get them done because even though they may not mean much at the moment maybe to someone else they may mean everything and I think somehow there is a bigger reason even bigger than ourselves pushing us to get somethings that just simply need to be done.

I remember writing about putting some of my art piece up here on the blog… so here it is a sneak peek of my art work!

Straight from my Art class on the Springtime which I signed up for again this Fall!

IMG_4803The painting is almost done, today I was adding some finishing touches and soon after that I will take pictures with my nice camera and post them! This pic was taken on my iPhone with Instagram, you can find me on Insta under dgdisla or click HERE!

Best song for “Haunting Me” – Clint Mansell – Requiem for a Dream Orchestral Version