Last Post of 2013!

Time flies!!! Wow it feels like the years, months, weeks, weekends, days, and everything is getting shorter and shorter. Where does the Time go?

Early tomorrow morning I am heading to NYC to spend New Year with Family, Friends, & hopefully even some new friends! Hope everyone gets to enjoy a nice & safe New Year’s Eve/Day! But of course get a little tipsy as there is nothing wrong with that! 😉

I like writing quotes inside pictures so here is a little Inspiration Picture Quote for 2014 & hopefully many more years to come!


Final Songs…

Young the Giant-Cough Syrup-To make you think a little & go all Aristotle before New Year!

Florence+The Machine – Shake it Out – To shake the negativity off!

F+TheM-Dog Days Are Over – You made it through 2013, the Dogs Days are over man! 😉

Taio Cruz – Hangover – Of Course to Party Hardy an appropriate PARTYyyy Song!!!

 Have a Wonderful 2014!!!!! Toodaloo :*

Haunting Me… Sneak Pic!

“You may hate being an artist… but if you are, it will haunt you until you’re doing it.” – Catherine Westergaard

Took this quote from an Insta pics of Interview Magazine and just completely love that quote… The painting below I named it “Haunting Me” before I even read this quote as the shapes in the painting had been just haunting me, I could not forget them or get them out of my head. Therefore I simply just had to create the painting! Sometimes I think is important to create those art pieces that won’t leave our minds until we get them done because even though they may not mean much at the moment maybe to someone else they may mean everything and I think somehow there is a bigger reason even bigger than ourselves pushing us to get somethings that just simply need to be done.

I remember writing about putting some of my art piece up here on the blog… so here it is a sneak peek of my art work!

Straight from my Art class on the Springtime which I signed up for again this Fall!

IMG_4803The painting is almost done, today I was adding some finishing touches and soon after that I will take pictures with my nice camera and post them! This pic was taken on my iPhone with Instagram, you can find me on Insta under dgdisla or click HERE!

Best song for “Haunting Me” – Clint Mansell – Requiem for a Dream Orchestral Version


Alber Elbaz… Marc Jacobs… Tom Ford… Inspo moments!

Awww Inspiration – you will be the death of me but oh my what a wonderful death you will be!

Clearly we can tell that I am a sucker of Inspiration just by the title of my blog, I’m constantly hungry for more and more. To get the trigger feeling, the awaken feeling that completely catches your attention in the middle of the mundane. This is why I love it when I come across something that tingles and warms my heart. I get many of these little heart warming inspo moments and I cherish even the tiny ones because they all matter one way or another and I may not know how they matter in the moment but I know that I will remember later on… My current job is monotonous, I am not complaining I am grateful for the money I get but it is simply not the job I wish to die in but well that’s another story for another day to tell, my point is that when I am at work doing my little mundane work stuff I often put music to inspired me to keep on, to push forward but sometimes I also like to listening to interviews on YouTube and today I came across one that totally warmed my heart, in fact my heart is still warm. I simply loved it, to someone else this video may mean so little but to me it means sooo much and I’m thankful for the person who put this up and of course the speaker Alber.

In the video Alber talks of many interesting point, someone may see this and think that it only applies to “The Fashion World” but I feel that a lot of what he says applies to anything, anything that we do, things we love, that things we don’t love, it applies to life and that is what trigger something in me so thank you Alber for your honest and inspirational interview.

I encourage you to listen to the video or watch it if you can, I have listening to it during work, and watch it at home now, and I simply love it! I also love his accent, there is something so magnificent about accents!

Here are also 2 other videos I find inspiring…

Marc Jacobs for his sort of naturalness, how he seems to be having a conversation with a friend at a downtown cafe, and I love that he seems very honest – honesty is a very important quality in any human being. To watch Click HERE

Tom Ford – the video is long but is worth listening to, to me he sounds a bit pompous but I do not blame him, he has accomplished so much from such a young age that it is completely understandable. Also I appreciate his bit of arrogance as it shows this person who has never given up, he has been quick, smart, intuitive, a risk taker, and he has this sort of sureness/confidence in himself that is completely admirable. And even though I say that he may come off a bit pompous he also talks about some very humble moments he had in his life and that is very honest and courageous of him to say such things as he felt in the moment when they happened. If you wish to listen or watch it, Click HERE

These 3 wonderful men I do love to have as friend just because they all have very unique qualities but they all seem very different from each other, and I completely love that.

“You get and you give. You give and you get.” – Alber Elbaz

“When you enjoy something and when you bring a good energy to it, it shows in the product… I mean, I think that we create what we are. Basically when we are sad we create sad and when we are happy we create happy. And when we are miserable we create miserable, it shows and it feels.” -Alber Elbaz

“Everything they do is about fantasy, for the rest, to give, is about giving you know.” – Alber Elbaz

“And I think this is the essence of life, we have to give and we get. And when we get we have to give and it has to go both ways, you can not only give, and you can not only get. – Alber Elbaz

“Is important to be in the world, to look at art, to see every movie you can, read every magazine you can, even watch junk television.” – Tom Ford

“You gotta figure out what you love in life, you gotta do what you love. – Tom Ford

“Nothing last, nothing last and that’s the beauty of it all. – Tom Ford

“If is not fun I don’t want to do it, I don’t want to waste anymore time.” – Tom Ford

Hope you enjoy the videos as much as me!

Tell me how do you find inspiration? What triggers you to feel inspired?

Nighty Night,

Dani <3