Fun Facts – Random Things

I always love when bloggers post fun facts/random things about them because I always get that feeling that now I know them a bit better. So I thought to do that same!

Here it goes!

  1. I hate going to sleep or leaving the house without making sure my closet door is locked and makes “the locked sound”.
  2. I put ketchup in almost everything I eat, once even on macaroni & cheese, gross I know but Ketchup is LIFE! So I will excuse myself on that one.
  3. I have live 11 years in the Caribbean & 11 years in the USA – in 2014 it will break that even numbers if I stay in the USA.
  4. I am pretty creative in the kitchen! I am one of those people that can open an empty fridge and I will still come up with something- one talent I am very proud of, super modest here haha
  5. One drunken night on my college campus I lost my iPod making snow angels, a few months later when all the snow melted a guy found my iPod and return it to me! After that I wholeheartedly believe that good old people still exist! Thank you Matt!
  6. I was lucky enough to go to Vegas for my 21st & because I was flying on my birthday they gave my best friend and me first class seats! Thank you ATL ladies!
  7. When I truly like a show I often like to just watch it by myself as I really dislike interruptions, I get extremely focus to that point my house could burn down and I won’t notice until the fire is right on my face.
  8. I love searching for other people’s culture and traditions… sometimes I even like to bring those traditions into my life – for example when I went to Germany I learned how to make mulled wine or Glühwein now I like making it on my own!
  9. I am pretty sure one of my boobs is bigger than the other.
  10. Once I had to rap in church camp to “Candy Shop by 50 Cent” but with churchy-worthy lyrics- it was pretty hilarious.
  11. And to finish off with an odd number… When I chop tomatoes it makes my hands itch like crazy but I can eat tomatoes & nothing bad happens, weird…

I couldn’t end this post without posting my 3 favorite songs of the moment!

CLMD vs. KISH feat. Fröder – The Stockholm Syndrome – HERE

Truls – Out Of Yourself – HERE

HAIM – The Wire – HERE

*Finally, in the name of Random, here are a few little Random pics I have taken lately! – Even a #Shameless Bathroom Selfie but hey at least it was a beautiful bathroom, so that makes it a little better right? eh? 😉

In the name of Random, here is a little Random Collage!

Okay that’s it! 10 Fun Facts/Random things about be… Anyone else out there with fun little facts? Tell me!!!