Bye Bye Long Weekend…

I want to cry, ugggh so sad that tomorrow is back to reality aka work… There is nothing like a long weekend, unfortunately they go by sooo fast is sad but the world must run its course… But anyways to end our long weekend we had our favorite – Froyo! Frozen Yogurt whatever you want to call it, is delicious and I certainly urge everyone to try it if you haven’t yet is addicting… Here is my favortie Froyo place, perfect way to end a long weekend and also a good all romance/drama movie, we watched Safe Heaven and of course like most Nicholas Sparks movies is great! Also Happy Labor Day!

@SweetSpot - Froyo Time is the Best Time!!!

@SweetSpot – Froyo Time is the Best Time!!!

Here is an awesome & powerful song to start off your week or continued your week in good vibes! Enjoy – HERE (Brave by Sara Bareilles)

Nighty Night!