Comfy Working Outfits


When I first started working in an office/extra professional environment I struggled to dress comfortable because I will usually wear button up shirts and blazers, while you will look sharp wearing those things for me it just didn’t seem to work because I was feeling uncomfortable and stiff all the time. So gradually I just started to switch up my button ups for cardigans and comfy sweaters, I still look nice and sharp without sacrificing my comfort.

This is for anyone who is struggling on what is appropriate to wear to a more professional work environment.
My favorite dressy pants are from American Eagle and Walmart so don’t think you have to sacrifice your wallet to look nice at work either. It can be done gradually by shopping for 1 or a few items at a time and then of course just rotate your outfits, there is no need to have tons of clothes to look nice. Most of my cardigans I bought for under $20 so again be creative and look around! Also I’m usually freezing at work all the time so I always bring a large scarf, my favorite right now is a scarf from Zara Men section.
Hope this helps anyone who is looking for what to wear to work! Feel Free to ask me anything if you are interested in more info!
*In case you are wondering, I use a website called Polyvore to make the little style collages like the one in this post and the other Travel Post I did before.
Have a lovely Monday Friends!
Kisses, Dani 🙂

Le Défilé – A French Fashion Show

Pictures from the Fashion Show!!!

IMG_2605 IMG_2606 IMG_2608 IMG_2610 IMG_2615 IMG_2619 IMG_2621 IMG_2623 IMG_2626 IMG_2645 IMG_2628 IMG_2633 IMG_2638 IMG_2664 IMG_2650 IMG_2643 IMG_2660 IMG_2669 IMG_2684The pictures are not perfect but to be my first time photographing a fashion show I am pretty happy with how they turned out!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and inspiration of such talented students!

Even though The French Cultural Center was a small location the show turned out lovely! Very happy they hosted such a nice event!

Here for the last I saved my FAVORITE model of the night wearing my favorite piece of the night! Luisaura Alvarez – truly a beautiful smile that lights up any room! Plus at the end of the event I got to talk to her and she is in fact from Dominican Republic just like me!!! awww so lovely to have such a lovely & talented girl representing my island!






Boston Fashion Week!

Yesterday I went to one of the shows of Boston Fashion Week (BFW) and I am very happy I went. The show was beautiful and just being part of the whole atmosphere is just lovely for me! I love Fashion Shows and I have been to others before but it was mainly because I went to a college full of Fashion Design students but I had never gone too much out of my way to go to any shows because I figured they would be too expensive or I simply was intimidated to bring myself to such events. But seriously everyone should try going to a show at least once in their life, it is not that intimidating, it is possible for anyone to go obviously the HUGE fashion shows are harder to get into but to the small ones you could definitely buy tickets to. My advise is for anyone to just search search search, Google has all the answers on what is going on around your city. So get out there and try to experience a fashion show, a new event, or activity you have never experience before!

Here is a little Collage sneak peek… More pictures tomorrow morning!

Le Défilé – A French Fashion Show

Le Defile '13 BFW1Go Listen to Chris Medina – his voice is simply amazing, this song is going on repeat button!!! Awww it melts my heart to hear it! HERE enjoy!

Natt Natt! <3


Martha’ s Grad Outfit


Martha Colorful & Fresh

Martha Colorful & Fresh

On a Brighter note, how cool & fresh is Martha looking with this outfit!? Love it!

Loved Martha’s Style for DeeDee’s Graduation… She looks so colorful, cool, and fresh even though we were sitting in the burning sun at 93°F/33°C… We literally were dying from the heat, we got awesomely sunburned *sigh* but all in all we were happy to celebrate Dee’s big day!

Martha is Wearing…
Top: Nordstrom Rack
Shorts: Forever21
Belt: H & M
Sunnies: American Eagle
Sandals: Target