We Often Seek Dreams that Don’t Belong to Us…

Photo(6)“This is the Answer  to a Question that was asked to the psychiatrist Roberto Shinyashiki in an interview for the magazine “Istoe
Camilo Vannuchi The interviewer asked him:
Many people have tried to seek dreams that are not theirs?
Shinyashiki replies:
– Society wants to define what is right . There are four Crazy ideas in our Society .
The first is:
Establish that everyone has to succeed, as if he/she had not individual meanings.
The second is crazy:
You have to be happy every day.
The third is :
You have to buy all you can. The result is this absurd consumerism.
Finally , the fourth madness:
You have to do things the right way. There is no right way. There is no single way to do things.
Goals are interesting/important for success, but not for happiness.
Happiness is not a goal, but a state of mind. Some people say they will not be happy until they get married, while others say they are unhappy precisely because of marriage.
You can be happy eating ice cream , staying at home with family or true friends, taking your children to play or going to the beach or the movies.
When I was newly graduated in São Paulo, working in a hospital for terminally ill patients.
All dying, around nine or ten patients will die everyday. I always tried to talk to them. Most of them will grab the doctor by the shirt and say:
“Doctor,  don’t let me die. I sacrificed my whole life, now I want to enjoy it and be happy.”
I felt a huge pain for doing nothing. There I learned that happiness is made ​​of small things.
Nobody at death says how they regret not having used their money in real estate or stocks but what they do regret is to have waited too long or missed on several opportunities to enjoy life.
‘Having problems in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.’

My best friend sent me this interview in Portuguese and I was so happy because I was able to understand everything and I think this article should be read by everyone and then perhaps a few of us will understand and see that money does not equal happiness, yes money helps. But way too often we forget that money is material, it banishes, heck money even catches on fire, we spend so much time preoccupied in how much money we need for this and that, that we forget what truly is the meaning of happiness, happiness will never be measured in money if that were the case why do so many people who seem to have it all commit suicide? I hope that who ever reads this is inspired to live the life they wish to live without the restrictions that we see way to often in our society. To appreciate the little things, to stop focusing so much on money, spend more time focusing on enjoying the ones we love and doing the things that make us happy because in the end that’s what really matters or at least that is what those facing death seem to want to tell us.

If you still have your doubts listen to the words of Alan Watts or THIS – Fifty People One ?

Photo(4)Songs to reflect on the topic:

Sam Garrett-Don’t Let Go

Years Around the Sun-Miles Away

Lindsey Stirling – Beyond The Veil – no words but Lindsey is just pure inspiration!

Happy Sunday, wishing everyone a lovely week!

Penny Boarding Dreams

Hello Blog World, how is it going?

This weekend I received my awesome Penny Board, gotta love Amazon for the fast delivery. I have wanted to learn to skateboard for as long as I can remember, note I have never wished to become a professional skateboarder, all I want is to learn how to cruise around on a skateboard which is why I decided to buy the Penny. But it took me quite a long time to actually buy myself a board, you see the problem was the I always consider my “skateboarding” more of a small dream and the one time I mentioned it to my cousins one of them even said “You’re so going through phase” and I felt truly bother by the comment because phase or no phase I think is important to not let go of things we really want, to not let go of our little or big dreams because they make us who we are and as we let go of them we become more and more bitter after time. I have met one too many bitter people in my life and I truly believe that the reason for their bitterness is from letting go of their dreams. So don’t ever let go, hold on tight and dream on friends. Never Let Go.

IMG_1430I really have been loving watching Ben Brown on Youtube, I really like his positive outlook on life and something he said in one of his videos adds to this post. He said “You gotta push your limits you know… You gotta learn, you know try these things, if you don’t try these things you won’t learn how good you can be at something.” – Ben Brown

So regardless if is “just a phase” or “life long dream” go for it, give it a try, like Ben says you won’t know unless you try, and trying is everything.

Super short video of me because I was afraid to record for too long and fall on my face haha

Favorite songs right now:

Sam Garrret – Don’t let go (Thanks Ben & so appropriate for the post!)

V/V – Champagne (Clearly I have been watching to many of Ben’s videos, haha)

Hi-Rez – The City (In love with this video and with Ana Maria Suzano, her skateboarding skills are sublime!)