We make our beds and we sleep in it…

We make our beds and we sleep in it…

That obviously sounds better in Spanish but here are a few points I am trying to make:

“We” — Humans… Yes, Us humans love to complain about the circumstances in our lives all the time, heck I do it all the time too but I also stop myself and smack myself a bit from time to time because seriously all problems we usually have, we brought it upon ourselves in some away or another, unless is of problems of nature.

We forget to pay a bill and it gets sent to a collection agency and of course we blame the company “that did us wrong” it is never our fault… but don’t you think that if you would have called this company at the start of the issue and asked them for some type of payment plan, that you wouldn’t be in this situation now?

Another circumstance for example is when one is handed opportunities, money, or whatever good thing but some of us never learn how to appreciate it, how to prospect from that, how to help ourselves from the hole that we are in, we somehow just waste the money or miss out on the opportunity and dig ourselves deeper into our hole again.

We get to comfortable, somehow even in our hole we find comfort between excuse after excuse and we get afraid to dig ourselves out so we blame it all on “God”, “the universe”, the “stupid bill collector”, “bad karma” that is “following us” etc etc… I believe that if you do good the universe would give “good” back to you so sometimes it maybe good to just check ourselves and see where in our lives we are messing around with karma and doing something wrong.

There is, cause and effect for all that we do but somehow we never seem to grasp this concept… we party too much we have to pay for it the next day with a hangover, we eat too much we gain weight, we charge too many useless things on our credit cards we have to pay for it later, we leave our homework for the last minute but it is not our fault it is the teacher’s fault for giving us the assignment a month in advance and not reminding us of it… catching the point?

The thing behind the title “we make our beds and sleep in it” is in regards to all the things that we do without thinking that there would be consequences so therefore we are ‘forced” to lay on our beds and deal with it as best we can. But we often don’t, we like to blame anything and everyone and just make it worse for ourselves. We hate to admit that maybe it was our fault, we forgot the homework, maybe it was our fault we bought too many unnecessary things with credit card money, maybe it was that my friend didn’t let me borrow enough money to pay my ticket etc…. The point is we love to complain and complain that we have “bad luck” and “bad karma” when in reality most of the things that happen to us we bring upon ourselves. But one thing is certain, we don’t have to stay in our “hole” or dig ourselves dipper which is why is important to look for help and inspiration wherever we may find it. Is important to pick ourselves up, face our issues, move on, hopefully learn, and try to become a better person from that experience.

Example: someone near me always has a messy car, so one time me and a few others decided to do something nice and clean this person’s car in hope that this will help her get a fresh start and that she wouldn’t be frustrated anymore. She of course appreciated and was super thankful at the moment but in the matter of weeks her car went back to messy… so you see sometimes even when we help or give people the opportunity to dig themselves out of the hole they are in, they are just too “comfortable” and loose their sense of sight and worth so much that they much rather stay “in the safety” of their hole.

Those are my few cents on complains faults, karmas, lucks, the universe or whatever you wish to call it. Just some food for thought as they say!

Hope this post doesn’t bring anyone down but that it makes you think and reflect on those things you do and the cause and effects these things have.

*Also I want you to know that We ALL are capable of “saving” ourselves, if we look to find balance we will find it, and life will start to look brighter, better, and the hole will start to disappear little by little.

IMG_2459I love Bukowski so thought this quote was appropriate for the topic! And how cool is the pink effect I gave 1 of the many cloud pictures I took this summer! I went totally insane photographing clouds but I guess now I found a purpose for all of those cloud pictures! hahaha

Song of the day! Röyksopp ft. Susanne Sundfør – Running To The Sea – HERE

Have a Wonderful Weekend! 🙂 <3