Fun Facts – Random Things

I always love when bloggers post fun facts/random things about them because I always get that feeling that now I know them a bit better. So I thought to do that same!

Here it goes!

  1. I hate going to sleep or leaving the house without making sure my closet door is locked and makes “the locked sound”.
  2. I put ketchup in almost everything I eat, once even on macaroni & cheese, gross I know but Ketchup is LIFE! So I will excuse myself on that one.
  3. I have live 11 years in the Caribbean & 11 years in the USA – in 2014 it will break that even numbers if I stay in the USA.
  4. I am pretty creative in the kitchen! I am one of those people that can open an empty fridge and I will still come up with something- one talent I am very proud of, super modest here haha
  5. One drunken night on my college campus I lost my iPod making snow angels, a few months later when all the snow melted a guy found my iPod and return it to me! After that I wholeheartedly believe that good old people still exist! Thank you Matt!
  6. I was lucky enough to go to Vegas for my 21st & because I was flying on my birthday they gave my best friend and me first class seats! Thank you ATL ladies!
  7. When I truly like a show I often like to just watch it by myself as I really dislike interruptions, I get extremely focus to that point my house could burn down and I won’t notice until the fire is right on my face.
  8. I love searching for other people’s culture and traditions… sometimes I even like to bring those traditions into my life – for example when I went to Germany I learned how to make mulled wine or Glühwein now I like making it on my own!
  9. I am pretty sure one of my boobs is bigger than the other.
  10. Once I had to rap in church camp to “Candy Shop by 50 Cent” but with churchy-worthy lyrics- it was pretty hilarious.
  11. And to finish off with an odd number… When I chop tomatoes it makes my hands itch like crazy but I can eat tomatoes & nothing bad happens, weird…

I couldn’t end this post without posting my 3 favorite songs of the moment!

CLMD vs. KISH feat. Fröder – The Stockholm Syndrome – HERE

Truls – Out Of Yourself – HERE

HAIM – The Wire – HERE

*Finally, in the name of Random, here are a few little Random pics I have taken lately! – Even a #Shameless Bathroom Selfie but hey at least it was a beautiful bathroom, so that makes it a little better right? eh? 😉

In the name of Random, here is a little Random Collage!

Okay that’s it! 10 Fun Facts/Random things about be… Anyone else out there with fun little facts? Tell me!!!

Speedy Photoshoot – Collage Lover

OMG we are not normal hahaha… But is the little things in life that truly make it worth it! Yesterday we were completely bored and decided to go to the park(of course) and we had the idea that we should do a “Speedy Photoshoot” aka running and taking pictures with self-timer, we laughed so much just from doing something so simple but truly that is the beauty of life, sometimes even the smallest of things can be what truly make a moment priceless. Here is a little collage of the “Speedy Photoshoot” – yup I totally invented that haha


Spanish version:

Enserio no son normales … jajaja
Son las pequeñas cosas de la vida que realmente hacen que la vida valga la pena! Ayer estábamos completamente aburridos y como cosa rara decidimos ir al parque y tuvimos la idea de que deberíamos hacer “Speedy Photoshoot”- fotografías con el disparador automático. Nos reímos tanto sólo de hacer algo tan sencillo y tonto pero esto realmente es la belleza de la vida, a veces las cosas más pequeñas pueden ser lo que realmente hace un momento especial. Aquí está un pequeño collage del “Photoshoot Speedy” – Sí, totalmente invente esas palabras.