Don’t Let Anyone discourage you…

Yesterday I woke up in a great mood, made myself delicious breakfast and then decided that it was about time for me to write another post but before I started writing by some stupidity I clicked on a video and I felt completely discourage after hearing the video about writing because in the video the girl goes on and on about how much she dislike “personal blogs” specially if they are from a “nobody/not well know” person. But you know what today I was like F-that I enjoy writing, I write this blog for the pure enjoyment of writing, if someone wants to come along to read it is great! And of course I hope people read it and comment etc… but I am not going to stop writing just because I am not consider a “well known” person, I am still a human being and in my book that counts for a lot so that next time you hear or read something that discourages you from something you enjoy DO NOT listen. You matter, I matter, everyone matters so do what you love and send Flower Bombs to anyone who wants to make you fall off your Unicorn!

inspire someone Ain't no Stopping1Little Inspo pic… A Peace Diner I made… Me-last night…& Breakfast from yesterday-YUM!

So instead of pulling each other down let’s inspire each other, to do more, to be more, to be brave, to be the best that we can be! 🙂

Sara BareillesBrave – I had posted this one before but it doesn’t get old & it suits this post!