1800-Contacts – YOU ROCK!

And the “BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD” goes to “1800-Contacts

Wow seriously I have always been a huge fan of 1800-C but wow tonight they literally became my favorite online store ever. I recently bought a different brand of contacts which I had some type of allergic reaction to and there for I wanted to return them but was not sure if I could, I bought 90 contact lenses and still had 83 unused ones. I actually didn’t think I could return them so I logged in to 1800-C to check for their Customer Service number to call them tomorrow morning as it was nearly 1am but as I was looking up the contact number a little “Chat Now” screen popped up and at first I was like what the heck is 1 in the morning why are these people working but I decided to write and goodness I am beyond happy I did. A girl name Kimberly, that probably is not her real name but whatever Kimberly was a amazing, helped me with the entire process, a new box with my usual contact is on is way as I write this and I only had to pay a small difference as my new contacts are more pricy.

1800-C seriously big thank you for been beyond simple to use, fast, and incredibly hassle-free. Thank you for an amazing customer service experience and keeping us blind people seeing better and also preventing many many accidents. hehe

***Please note that no one is paying me for this post, I simply want to write this because I love to give merit to those who deserve it.