Wine Picnic

Yup all we brought to our picnic was wine, #alcoholicproblems, just kidding we had food before heading to the park so we decided to skip that whole bring snacks part and just brought wine, water, and chips for our cousin who is with child and can’t obviously not sip sip on the wine like us alchys. Some pics from our lazy Saturday afternoon & other weekend things:
Have I told you We LOVE #parklife?

IMG_0811 IMG_0817 IMG_0852 IMG_0848 IMG_0807 IMG_0835 IMG_0853 IMG_6772 IMG_6780 photo(5)


  1. In our Pickinikki Time!
  2. No pics please, no no
  3. Dead & Alive Flowers
  4. My Cousin Yury – is almost time to meet the little princess, 2 more weeks!
  5. Dee Smiling for the Papz
  6. Sunsetting at is finest!
  7. She got Alcoholic Problems don’t mess with her. Hahaha
  8. $1 so we can go to college, $5 so we don’t have to go! @Mad Willie’s
  9. Paneche Coffee, sorry Starbucks I have been shamelessly cheating on you.
  10. Mayan Coffee & Chocolate Croissant @Paneche Coffee

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