My Heart Aches…

My Heart Aches but no is not for a boy or a bad break up, my heart aches for traveling… Traveling brings me such happiness… I have been bitten by a “travel bug” and ever since that bite all I wish for is for more and more traveling. I find myself always trying to plan my next trip, I can’t help it and lately I feel that ache more and more. But I am happy that next week I should be on a plane to NORWAY!!!! Is been my dream to go there for over 3 years now so to finally be so close to reaching such a dream is pretty epic!

But any trip it doesn’t matter how small/long it is or how insignificant it may seem is a great and completely matters. I have this theory that simply by being somewhere else our minds spend so much and maybe we won’t be able to realize right in that moment what the trip is doing for us but later on it comes to you and is just like “Wow” almost like a flashbulb just sparked inside your head and all of the sudden you know how important and special that small little trip truly was.
So when you get the chance to travel take it, do it, own it! Bills come and go Life doesn’t. Don’t neglect your responsibilities but just try to always save a bit to take the time to travel, you will be amazing all you will grow with every place and every amazing person you meet! Also is good to not just travel for the five star resort and the 100% catered experience while those trips are nice they won’t get you to really feel the vibe of a country and to really experience the “Wow” factor I mention above.

A proper song for this post: Years Around the SunMiles Away

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