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Had my lovely cousin Carito model the Map I bought just to write that Awesome quote on!

Had my lovely cousin Carito model the Map I bought just to write that Awesome quote on!

If there is something I do love to achieve with this blog is to inspire anyone to travel! Traveling by far has given me the best experiences I have ever imagine, it has boost my confidence, given me energy to see and do more, in general it has been the best thing that I have ever done. People always say that ‘traveling is not cheap’ when in fact traveling can be done quite cheap if you travel smart. “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”- Author Unknown. I wholeheartedly believe that traveling does in fact make you richer, there is not enough LV, Christians Loubitons, or Chanel that will amount to what I have gained from traveling… I do enjoy luxury but at this moment in my life owning those things don’t matter so much to me therefore I prefer to make myself richer and happier The Traveling Way!

Dani’s Traveling Notes:

  • Please travel!
  • When ever there is an opportunity to travel, take it!
  • Be nice to everyone you meet you never know who could invite you on the next best trip of your life.  (Or just be nice because we are all on the same boat no need to be a troll with anyone for no reason)
  • Use your resources, perhaps your Dad/Mom/Friend of a friend has a friend down in Australia…Why not contacted them see if they will let you stay there for a few days & voilà you get to experience Australia!
  • Use the internet! The internet has so much information that I know is hard to focus on one thing when there is a million out there but seriously just look and you will find ways.
  • Use Couchsurfing & HostelWorld for accommodations on a budget! I also got pretty good traveling packages via European Destinations for two of my vacas!
  • Save, learn to save money even if is not a lot always try to put something away for a rainy day… you know after a year of saving $100 every month it will add up to $1200, that may not be a lot too some people but $1200 will sure get you a pretty decent vacation if you look for the good deals.
  • Buy flights on Tuesday mornings, just do it! It totally works!
  • Plan ahead but not so ahead that you may have too much time for doubts & fear to creep up on you.
  • Eat like the locals! When you eat at touristy places you will pay more for your dish, so ask around when you reach this new destination.
  • Don’t stay just in your circle of friends meet other people when you travel- again meeting people can come in very handy, could be the key to your next destination!
  • Embrace the culture of the place you are in, if you go to India and all you want to eat is McDonald’s then what is really the point of been there in the first place?
  • If you are in college go study abroad, I have never heard anyone say a single bad thing about studying abroad.
  • Envision yourself once you are back home from your trip a few years down the road… Would you be patting yourself on the back for the courage you had back then or would you be lamenting that you let the years go by and still haven’t visit that Temple you have been dying to see in person? But hey if you haven’t NOW is a great time so GO!
  • Don’t assume that traveling means getting on a plane, there are places you know nothing about only a car ride away so take those trips too, they are important!
  • Don’t worry so much about all the details of your trip just get on the plane and let the adventures begin!

Wow I could literally go on and on with more of this travel tips but I don’t want to bore anyone so there it is a few notes on traveling!

HERE ThatVictoria – by far my favorite ‘packing/backpacking” video! Just Love it!

I will make a “Wanderlust Playlist” soon!

But HERE is the Song of the Day! –Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People

tumblr_mpzgxgAVQX1sp26bho1_1280Go on See the World & all it has to offer! ENJOY. EMBRACE. RELAX. LEARN!

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