SuperGirls Do Cry…

Supergirls do Cry but it is completely Okay. It took me a while to accept it and still I don’t cry so easily in front of people but I think is important to cry and let it all out, I prefer to specially do it when I am alone or standing in your shower- this is probably the best time to cry. Just letting all the problems, small issues, insecurities, uncertainties, and everything in between run down your face is LIBERATING.

Yes we are all Strong individuals but we are only Humans and sometimes we just need to let it out. You will feel better the next day and more ready to take on the world but there is no need to take on the world so just remember to BREATHE and CRY a little from time to whenever needed.

**Back from India! In Bratislava and soon heading home to Boston in just 3 days… But all that is for another post… Lots of crying lately hence why this song has been so touching to me since I first heard it. Hope you like it too and that you are having a good day without tears! 😉

Let It All Out, Let Yourself be Free

Let It All Out, Let Yourself be Free

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