Getting my inspiration back…

Don't Let GoHave you ever felt like life, inspiration, and so much more has literally being sucked out of you? Well that’s how I felt at one point in my life, I felt as if all that I had always love had being sucked out of me little by little. I decided to take some action into my own hands which as not as easy as is songs aloud. But I braced myself with some good old courage and signed myself up for an Art Class. It was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. Even though I felt tired at times having to get from work and right after heading to my 3 hour art class but usually I completely forgot about my exhausted day once I was there, I LOVE this class.

I also felt completely intimidated to meet all my classmates and just to get out of my very comfortable and lazy zone but after it I learn how extremely important it is to go out of our comfort zones. My classmates turned out to be super nice, helpful, and truly taught me a thing or two about life and myself. I have this theory that meeting someone new always helps me learn a little more about myself, this was the case with my classmates – the more I learned about them the more I learned about myself. This class gave me back my inspiration, I felt myself getting back the life and light that had being sucked out of me and it was a glorious feeling. If you ever find yourself in such situation try to do something that you love even if you don’t feel like it will workout and assure you that at the very least you will learn a thing or two. My advise is to just try, try to find what it is that you can do to get back what’s yours, don’t let go of your inspiration and dreams even if you or others think these are silly dreams!

Some of the pieces I created in class or during the time I was taking the class:

IMG_4803IMG_4129 IMG_4219 IMG_4098 IMG_4139 IMG_4136 IMG_4534 IMG_4094 IMG_4121We were even having lovely snacks and wine in some of the classes as it was a class for adults and usually we had some lovely music in the background, and one time Ron, our Professor brought his friend to play Spanish guitar for us!

IMG_5408Thank you Universe for putting this class in my path right when I needed it most! 🙂

Sam Garret – Don’t Let Go

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