Boston Fashion Week!

Yesterday I went to one of the shows of Boston Fashion Week (BFW) and I am very happy I went. The show was beautiful and just being part of the whole atmosphere is just lovely for me! I love Fashion Shows and I have been to others before but it was mainly because I went to a college full of Fashion Design students but I had never gone too much out of my way to go to any shows because I figured they would be too expensive or I simply was intimidated to bring myself to such events. But seriously everyone should try going to a show at least once in their life, it is not that intimidating, it is possible for anyone to go obviously the HUGE fashion shows are harder to get into but to the small ones you could definitely buy tickets to. My advise is for anyone to just search search search, Google has all the answers on what is going on around your city. So get out there and try to experience a fashion show, a new event, or activity you have never experience before!

Here is a little Collage sneak peek… More pictures tomorrow morning!

Le Défilé – A French Fashion Show

Le Defile '13 BFW1Go Listen to Chris Medina – his voice is simply amazing, this song is going on repeat button!!! Awww it melts my heart to hear it! HERE enjoy!

Natt Natt! <3


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