Sometimes Life Feels Just Like a Song…

Home-Im-a-phoenix-in-theI always find myself relating my life to the music I listen to, it is so easy for me to see a part of my life in the lines of a song or even in the mood of the melody. This song is definitely a certain mood I’m in at the moment so I thought it would be nice to save it as a memory because after all a blog is sort of a digital diary of someone’s life and what they felt in that exact moment. ‘Home’ for me has change so many times in my life  that it makes me relate to this song even more, specially now as I live once again in another place that I get to call home though this one is different as it was my decision and not my parents or the circumstances around my life in the moment. ‘Home’ is always going to be for me how my heart feels, the level of happiness I feel inside. The location doesn’t really seem to matter but what always seems to matter most is the people we surround ourselves with in each new place.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset*I took this picture last year & decided to write this on it as it fits with the mood of the songs I listed below.

Songs of the moment:

Gabrielle Aplin – Home

Gabrielle Aplin – Please Don’t Say You Love Me

Tom Odell – Another Love

Matt Corby Brother – Brother

For me is also intriguing to see or read what the artist had to say about the lyrics. Gabrielle explained the lyrics to each of her songs on her English Rain album on a blog post. This is the explanation of Home:

I’ve definitely written about Home before. I had the chorus for about a year before I finished the song. I wrote it when I moved to London two years ago. It’s about realising where home is for you. For me it wasn’t the house I was in but the people I was with.

Inspo Quotes1*Some Images are mine others I collected from Google.

Enjoy Your Sunday,

Dani 🙂


Over 1 Month…

Blog is been so sooo long… I have to say it has been a mixture of procrastination, lots of things going on, and of course me judging myself extra hard on whatever I put on the blog which makes it harder to just whip up something quickly and hitting the “Publish” button…

But anywho here is a bit of what has been going on:

I quit my job! – It was planned, I didn’t just go Bananas and quit, I had been saving some money just so I could quit, travel a bit, and just simply enjoy myself for a little bit.

One of my Best Friends, Katinka came to visit me from Germany!!! We spend 2 weeks together! I’m so happy she came, and I am so thankful to have a best friend like Katinka in my life! I can’t wait to see her again soon hopefully!!! And at some point I will write a bit about what we did in our 2 weeks of vaca!

After Katinka left, I decided to finally make my way to my country Dominican Republic!!! God, I am so Thankful for my little time in my country! More on that coming next…

Lastly, my little cousin’s graduation from College!!! Gosh I am so PROUD of her!!!! Caro, is more than a little sister to me, I gladly give my life for her without even thinking it, I got so much love for my little rat and to see her graduate from college is just unbelievable! Beyond happy for her accomplishments!!!

It’s been over 1 month, can’t believe how fast time has pass!

The Highlight of the Over 1 Month Hiatus!

The Highlight of the Over 1 Month Hiatus!

Can’t not end this post without a song… so here Vitamin C Friends Forever – the BEST graduation song EVER!!!

Beijosss! 🙂

Surround Yourself by Nature

IMG_2303“O mundo precisa de pessoas mais simples e verdadeiras.” – Portuguese

“The world needs more simple and real people.” – English

“El mundo necesita gente más simples y reales.” – Spanish

Quotes from Roberto Shinyashiki.

*I like to take little walks during my lunch break and today I made it my mission to cheer me up by capturing some pictures of nature specially as just last week all trees were completely bare, now look at the magic that has bloomed! Great way to recharge the batteries is to take a little walk whenever possible, it does wonders for the mind.

Remember, Is the Little Things!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with b5 presetSongs to enjoy:

Lilly Ahlberg – Amazing Singer, I definitely have to see her perform live once in this life time!

My Fave: Kiss Me (Cover)  & Riptide (Cover)

Last Post of 2013!

Time flies!!! Wow it feels like the years, months, weeks, weekends, days, and everything is getting shorter and shorter. Where does the Time go?

Early tomorrow morning I am heading to NYC to spend New Year with Family, Friends, & hopefully even some new friends! Hope everyone gets to enjoy a nice & safe New Year’s Eve/Day! But of course get a little tipsy as there is nothing wrong with that! 😉

I like writing quotes inside pictures so here is a little Inspiration Picture Quote for 2014 & hopefully many more years to come!


Final Songs…

Young the Giant-Cough Syrup-To make you think a little & go all Aristotle before New Year!

Florence+The Machine – Shake it Out – To shake the negativity off!

F+TheM-Dog Days Are Over – You made it through 2013, the Dogs Days are over man! 😉

Taio Cruz – Hangover – Of Course to Party Hardy an appropriate PARTYyyy Song!!!

 Have a Wonderful 2014!!!!! Toodaloo :*


People need to cut it out with the Christmas cookies DAMN IT hahaha … No but seriously I have ate so many cookies lately and I found this video which is pretty hilarious about the whole #HolidaysCookiesProblem if we can call it that. There is cookies or some type of sweets everywhere I turn at work making it super hard to resist.

P.S. Clearly complaining about too much cookies is a #FirstWorldProblems

Glamour presents: SRSLY, IT’S THE HOLIDAYS: COOKIES from SRSLY. on Vimeo.

Le Défilé – A French Fashion Show

Pictures from the Fashion Show!!!

IMG_2605 IMG_2606 IMG_2608 IMG_2610 IMG_2615 IMG_2619 IMG_2621 IMG_2623 IMG_2626 IMG_2645 IMG_2628 IMG_2633 IMG_2638 IMG_2664 IMG_2650 IMG_2643 IMG_2660 IMG_2669 IMG_2684The pictures are not perfect but to be my first time photographing a fashion show I am pretty happy with how they turned out!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and inspiration of such talented students!

Even though The French Cultural Center was a small location the show turned out lovely! Very happy they hosted such a nice event!

Here for the last I saved my FAVORITE model of the night wearing my favorite piece of the night! Luisaura Alvarez – truly a beautiful smile that lights up any room! Plus at the end of the event I got to talk to her and she is in fact from Dominican Republic just like me!!! awww so lovely to have such a lovely & talented girl representing my island!