What Matters to You?

Lately there is a lot more talk about organizing, being aware of what you have, of what is necessary, of minimalism, and overall simplifying your life.

My “Simplification process” started the minute I packed my bags and moved to Slovakia though I didn’t realize it then. It hit me when I returned home over a year later, I looked at the insane amount of things I had in my bedroom which I lived without just perfectly in Slovakia. So because I was going a bit insane with the chaos of all that I had, I grabbed some trash bags and started the process to declutter my room and therefore having a domino effect on also getting my life decluttered. I packed about 12 bags (13 gallon trash bags) of clothing, shoes, and handbags, and gave them all away. I felt like I could fly with all the peace and serenity I felt once I had my bedroom cleaned and free of things that served me no actual purpose.

FullSizeRender (9)

I felt as light as a feather…

I think the process of simplifying things in our lives is so necessary especially now in a world full of information, things can get out of hand quite easily. So take time to check what areas of your life need “decluttering.” Analyzing What Matters To YOU. Because at the end of the day the one who needs to be happy is You.

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.” -Esther Hicks, The Vortex Book.

This is what is clear to me & I believe to be an Universal Truth… once We all realize and analyze the things that actually bring meaning to our life rather than a constant need for possessing things of no actual value or purpose to us. When we accomplish this we will have some control of the chaos we have created in our societies.

***The Universal desire of Everyone no matter race, ethnicity, skin color, sexual preference, economic status, self identification etc is to Live a Happy, Healthy, & Fulfilled Life where there is enough time to spend with Loved ones as well as time for Doing the Things We Love. Period.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 3.39.02 PMMusic! This month I have been listening to a lot of soothing music like Enya and “Theta Cure 20 – Binaural Music” which I found on the Insight Timer App which is for meditating.

James & Evander – Constellating

CNCO – Reggaetón Lento

Of Monsters and Men – Your Bones

Helen Jane Long – Eclipse


Travel On My Mind…

Canada 🇨🇦! Iceland 🇮🇸! Slovakia 🇸🇰! South Korea 🇰🇷! Cuba 🇨🇺! Morocco 🇲🇦! Lyon, France 🇫🇷! Dominican Republic 🇩🇴! 

Travel is always on my mind but right now I’m feeling this huge travel bug probably because is the start of a New Year and we put things in perspective or perhaps because I can never have enough of cultures and the wonders the come with visiting new places, meeting new people and even just passing them by in the airport or the streets changes us… One thing is for sure once you take off you never return the same person… the change may be small but is there and it can’t be undone. 

Travel My Friends… Traveling turns us into better humans…

Song of the day: Sway with Me

M&M ~ Mindful Money

Once and for all I feel inspired to save money… this journey started in 2013 when I started to idealize the idea of saving money in order to quit my job and go travel… it sort of worked out for a very short period of time but quickly I learned that money runs fast specially when you are not used to budgeting and you still haven’t grasp the concept of understanding that sometimes you are literally buying just to fill a void, to make up for an area of your life that is lacking and you compensate by getting yourself brand new shiny things… well the process slowly but shortly continued on sort of a roller coaster ride… I think I have to thank Sarah Nourse, a YouTuber who speaks about finances and saving money, somehow one of her videos and a phrase she said just clicked and I sort of woke up from my slumber dreams and I decided to start gaining control of my finances… to live with less and having a peace of mind when it came to putting money aside to feel financially secured. I don’t want to struggle and have to live life paycheck to paycheck, I’m sure no one wants that so why not do something about it? Learn from those that have already done it, research, make peace with that fact that money is not evil is necessary and it gets us from Plan A to Plan B and sometimes all the way to Plan Z. This post is a conscious reminder for me to keep saving but in general just to be more mindful of where my money goes. 
Here are of the methods I found helpful:

***Pay Yourself First***

*Think Your Purchases, ask yourself if is necessary? If it will serve a purpose? If is a Want vs. Need? Could you wait to buy it? and so on.

*Arrange all your bills to be due on the same day, for me it works to have them at the beginning of every month. 

*Host Dinner Parties or Drinks at your Casa! You will spend a lot less than going out to eat or going to a bar for drinks plus you can even spend less if you ask your friends to bring something each and if you ended up buying everything yourself you will still spend a lot less.

*What Memberships could you close? That are simply not truly necessary. 

*Avoid malls and shopping stores.

*Make a groceries list and even try to plan out what kind of meals you will be making for the week in order to not buy food you may not need and may end up having to throw it away because you didn’t get to use it.

*Keep your fridge clean so that you know what you have in your fridge and can use it. Keep your closet clean, what you don’t use or like give it away. 

*Focus on your interiors, make your space comfortable and a good place to spend time in. 

*Watch Minimalism videos on YouTube and the documentary on Netflix… not to have your brain washed but just to hear and listen to different perspectives and then make up your own decisions. 
***Caution: this is not to Live in misery, the point is to be mindful, to appreciate what you have and really spend on things that are of Need and the Wants can be left for sometimes. Maybe use the Wants as rewards when you have reach certain saving Mile Stones. 
**Create a Emergency Saving Fund of at least $500 to $1,000. After you have your ESF start saving for whatever it is you wish to save for.

Method 1: is the best easiest to start with…

-Pay Yourself 10% of your Paycheck

-Do as you wish with the rest.

If your paycheck is $1,000 you will set $100 aside every time you get pay. 

Method 2: I find this one more effective…

Your Bi-weekly income is $1,000

-50% = for bills ($500)

-30% = for your spending ($300)

-20% = for saving ($200)

*Optional if you have money left when your next paycheck comes around add it to your savings.
Method 3: At the end of the day this are your finances, so you may need to find your on method. 

Method 3: Mini Cents 

Open a Savings Account, Go on your Online Banking and add a automatic withdraw of $1-6 dollars to go to your savings daily. I started it off with having my account automatically take $5 daily as this probably what I would use for coffee if I buy coffee everyday and even though is not a lot of money at the end of a year I have a little over $2,000 saved from such a small amount that I don’t even notices when is taken out. 

Here is the math of daily saving of $5-6 for 1 whole year. Even if you want to start with $1 or $2 just do it, starting with something is better than nothing. And just seeing the numbers on your Savings go up will motivate you to keep going. Give it a Go! 🙂 

$5 x 365 = $1,825

$6 x 363 = $2,910

Method 4: Create What Works For You

*** Main thing is to have a goal, an idea of why or what you are saving for.***

***The emergency 🚨 fund 💰 is for Emergency not part of your goal, just there to help you in sudden times of needs.

Rihanna – B#%* Better Have My Money 

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You (new favorite)

Hello 2017, You Sexy odd number year…


Things I have learned this year: Living Danishly outside of Denmark is possible, practice Hygge – if you don’t know that word research it, do it until it becomes a habit. Laugh more often, check social media a bit less, remember that all the pictures we see are merely a nanosecond of life, keep smiling, stop taking things personally you are not the last Coca-Cola in the desert and people are not out to get you. Be more mindful, watch your words they have an impact on others, trust more, be more friendly, smile more often. Light more candles, research minimalism, watch your finances, ask yourself questions about your behavior and the things around you. Get cultured, travel more often it makes you a better human, practice Gratitude daily, READ, READ, self education and self help are 2 of the best things you can do for yourself, if the whole world would work on themselves a little more the world would be a much better place, embrace change and seek it from time to time, practice a hobby, do at least one thing in your week the brings you joy and break the routine from time to time, talk less do more, give back always give back, be more human is totally okay since you are actually human. Hug more – hugging reduces stress and lowers your heart rate. Above all celebrate You are Alive, Happy 2017!!!!✨🎉✨🎉✨

Song of the moment: 

BISHOP – F.F.Y. (Feeling for You)

Sayonara 2016!

Steps to a Great Year!

februaryCan’t believe is already FEBRUARY! Insane how fast time is going by which is why I needed to make this Post today!

I absolutely LOVE Alex & Mimi Ikonn both separately and together, I love their outlook on Life, Money, Business, World Views, Relationships, and the list goes on… I watched a video Alex posted which is great to watch for thinking what you want out of this New Year and how to achieve it… Here is the link to the video but I have also created 2 images with the main focus of the video in English & Spanish, I am considering to make a Spanish version of his video, let’s see if I’m Brave enough to step in front of a camera.

But anyways I hope you get your Pen & Paper and get writing down the answers to this 4 questions! I am looking forward to a great year, who is with me?

Processed with MOLDIV META UNI 2016Can’t let you go without my TOP Songs of the moment!

Birdy – Wings
The Proclaimers – Like Comedy

Have a Wonderful Day! Lots of Love & Positive Energy!

Latest Inspos & Random Thoughts

I’m missing La Madre Patria (The Mother Land) very badly lately, just feeling very nostalgic about my home country and having this huge desire to be there. Is actually funny because after living in 3 different countries I almost feel like I don’t really have a place I can say ‘this is home’ but at the same time I also feel that they are all home because I can relate to all 3 of these countries, bizarre feelings.

Anyways here are some images of Dominican Republic from my last trip there in 2014

IMG_4859 IMG_4893 IMG_4926IMG_4918 IMG_3224 IMG_5020

Feelings & Thoughts… Some words from the guy behind this blog, talking about how as women confuse men more than they actually confuse us women… I believe we both confuse each other out of too much Pride, not wanting to come off vulnerable, and simply because We Don’t Ask and therefore go around assuming like clueless chickens. But let’s face it, is flipping hard to be vulnerable and to put our pride aside and simply ask what we are wondering and pondering in our crazy wild minds… What are your thoughts on the matter?

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.54.38 PM

Talking about Dudes, here are some funny things I screenshotted a while back:

Beard Funny

Fashion Inspo: Lately I really want to dress up… I’m in a Blazer-Mood but I have always love Blazers, they are just so chic but masculine at the same time! I remember even wearing blazer during High School, they are just perfect!

Fashion Inspo

Some Inspo Pictures Quotes! I love collecting these & looking them up whenever I need motivation and we all need some of that from time to time:

Quotes 1

Latest songs on Repeat on my iPod!

Matthew Perryman Jones – Only You  (So Much LOVE for his magical voice & lyrics)

Wason Brazoban – Que Vida  (Que Maldita cancion, THIS SONG is everything)

Grupo Negros – Contigo En La Cabeza (Fun & Meaningful, right up my alley)

Have a Wonderful Day or Evening you Beautiful Human! Lots of Love & +Vibes


I love Mondays and Coffee!!!!


Even though many people dislike Mondays, I find them to be the perfect day to start again, to get organized for the week, get things done, and make s#!t happen. Mondays are like a fresh start!

I recently supported Alex Ikoon and his partners on the Productivity Planner which they launched on Kickstarter, with my small contribution I got the PDF copy of the planner but I am highly considering of ordering the actual planner. I’m a pen and paper type of doer, if I don’t write it down it probably won’t get done and this planner really motivates me, is easy to manage, and makes you feel good when you get more done. For example today I went beyond my expectations of what I needed to get done for the day and is always great to see those results because it pushes you to do better the next day and the next day and so on. I have a planner for work which I love because is by hours and that’s super important for my job. Are you a planner person? Do you find them useful?

QOTD:  “The Scariest moment is always before you Start.” -Stephen King

Advise of the Day from Dani: Always remember to be kind to yourself!

Picture Mood of the Day:


Songs of the moment:

Felipe Santos – Olvidarte (Acústico)

Cali Y El Dandee – Por Fin Te Encontré ft. Juan Magan, Sebastian Yatra

Cosculluela Feat. Nicky Jam – Te Busco

***Hope you are all having a great Monday!***

Thank You 2015!!!


What A Year!!!

I don’t remember a year were I have cried or laughed so much, 2015 you have been an EXTRAORDINARY year. I cannot Thank God and the Universe enough!!!

 Highlight of 2015:

Trip to India 2015 – an unexpected Dream that came true!

Trip to Norway 2015 – a dream for over 3 years that finally came true!

Trip to Paris – unexpectedly amazing trip with my awesome Angie!

Coming home and seeing my family after living abroad for over 14 months!


This year has been all about going with the flow and my gut instinct, lots of tears, loads of laughter, amazing friendships, incredible memories, getting to know myself better than I have ever known myself, challenging myself to the core, practicing yoga, meditating, loving, forgiving, researching for fun and for knowledge, in general it has been a truly fantastic year. Things I dreamed of happening to me happened to me this year, which only proves that what we set our minds on we can accomplish, if I did the things I dreamed of You Can Do them too! And nothing happened exactly how I dreamed it but instead better and even more memorable.

Best Membership of 2015:  My Audible.com membership!!!! LOVE IT so much!

 Best Books of 2015:

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey

Let Go by Pat Flynn

El Principito

Best Habits:



Gratefulness Walk (Something I learned from Alex & Mimi Ikonn)

Listening to Audiobooks

Asking Challenging questions to myself and does around me

 Advice for the New Year!

Take it one day at a time, try to look at the negative things as blessings in disguise, remember to breathe, be grateful for what you have, eat better, walk or workout, meditate or have a few minutes of quiet time to yourself daily, go with the flow, follow your gut instinct, go outside more often, read, listen, challenge yourself, have good relationships with yourself/family/friends/significant other, learn to manage your money better and use it wisely, be more silly, be certain that the only certainty in life is death, everything else we can work on! There is only one life so make yourself Proud!

Best Music!!!! So much good music!!!! Is hard to pick so I will just pick the ones that I have been listening to lately or the ones that stood out the most this year!

Justin Bieber – Love Yourself

Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

Kwabs – Walk

Nat King Cole –  L-O-V-E

Thomas Rhett – Die a Happy Man

Ricardo Arjona – Cavernicolas

Anna Naklab – Supergirl – acoustic version

Marc Anthony – Vida Yo Te Amo

Wisin y Yandel – Gracias a Ti

Nicky Jam y Enrique Iglesia – Perdon

Gallan Goodiyaan – Dil Dhadakne Do

Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky

Frankie Valli – Can’t Take My Eyes of You

Braulio – Un Viaje Por Tu Cuerpo

Elvis Martinez – Laudano

Voz Veis – Aunque Sea Poco

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Hope you have an amazing year ahead, full of good health, prosperity, kindness, meaningful friendships, self-love, love, new adventures, and that you can accomplish everything you set your mind out to do!

Welcome 2016!!!!

It’s My Birthday!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.59.40 PMSooo happy to be one year younger!!!! Even Google wished me a Happy birthday hahaha

I am beyond Happy and Thankful with all that I have lived so far.

This is the first birthday in a longgg time that I’m actually at home doing absolutely nothing but somehow I feel beyond happy! I think is because I have done so many amazing things already, challenging myself on several occasions, embracing life for all it has to offer the good and the bad that is nice to be able to lay here on my bed and just reminiscence on all the incredible memories and experiences in this 25 years of life! Thank you Universe for putting all the amazing people that are constantly in my life, that come by every so often, or the strangers I get the chance to meet only once! I don’t have wealth but today I feel extremely wealthy in memories!

A Song for the Current Mood! – Pharrell Williams – Happy

I Love You Magical World! Thank you for another wonderful year!!!!


Take the Road…

Uffffff I have been beyond MIA on the blog, not sure if anyone is actually visiting haha

But Anywho tomorrow I should be on my away to INDIA!!!!! Goodness I can not even BELIEVE it! Once I set a foot there maybe I will believe!

The EaThe Easy Road, will Never Lead You anywhere Worth Your Time. -dgdisla(me) #DominicanRepublic

The Easy Road, will Never Lead You anywhere Worth      Your Time. -dgdisla(me) #DominicanRepublic

This Song, is Ummm ummm!!! – Coma Cat – Tensnake ( Round Table Knights Remix )