Spice Up Your Black Skinny Jeans or Plain Tops!

tumblr_mlzv0gGGuA1sp26bho1_1280A little while ago my cousin asked me what she could wear to look thinner… There are some tricks to looking trimmer but at the end of the day I think is how you wear it not what you wear… I say this because I can see the prettiest girl with the best outfit yet if her persona or aura seems condescending it completely ruins her look for me. But if you are dress nice and have a beautiful smile that really charms me or wearing rags as long as your aura is radiant you will shine! There is something about a genuine smile that is just priceless no matter what you are wearing, if you have a smile on your face I guarantee that you are bound to charm others.

But a trick or two that I think will help is wearing black or more neutral colors and very little patterns, and less funky clothing. Though don’t forget to have fun, it is your life after all so be happy and comfortable with what you choose to wear. Adding more extravagant accessory is always best and will still give you the super cool edge on your outfit. For example I prefer to wear a shoe or bag or even scarf the will be more out there and just keep my clothes on the simple side.

Here is an example of how I would spice up a simple black or white T-shirt:

FullSizeRenderThese are just some simple ideas to have fun with and get inspiration from, hope you enjoy them! 🙂

*My Lovely Students Spiced Up my blazer this week by bedazzling it with sparkly stickers!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.29.40 PM As always a song to end my post! Loving Geronimo right now! Sheppard – Geronimo

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

-Dani 🙂

Comfy Working Outfits


When I first started working in an office/extra professional environment I struggled to dress comfortable because I will usually wear button up shirts and blazers, while you will look sharp wearing those things for me it just didn’t seem to work because I was feeling uncomfortable and stiff all the time. So gradually I just started to switch up my button ups for cardigans and comfy sweaters, I still look nice and sharp without sacrificing my comfort.

This is for anyone who is struggling on what is appropriate to wear to a more professional work environment.
My favorite dressy pants are from American Eagle and Walmart so don’t think you have to sacrifice your wallet to look nice at work either. It can be done gradually by shopping for 1 or a few items at a time and then of course just rotate your outfits, there is no need to have tons of clothes to look nice. Most of my cardigans I bought for under $20 so again be creative and look around! Also I’m usually freezing at work all the time so I always bring a large scarf, my favorite right now is a scarf from Zara Men section.
Hope this helps anyone who is looking for what to wear to work! Feel Free to ask me anything if you are interested in more info!
*In case you are wondering, I use a website called Polyvore to make the little style collages like the one in this post and the other Travel Post I did before.
Have a lovely Monday Friends!
Kisses, Dani 🙂

What Kind of Traveler are You?

tumblr_n4n5uvDIer1sp26bho1_500The Rockstar Beauty… Effortless Beauty… or Pain is Beauty Traveler…

I find that I am in between Rockstar & Effortless Beauty Traveler, it definitely doesn’t hurt to look cute when traveling but I more than cute want to be comfortable because traveling can get exhausting and having the attire that works for you is probably the best way to feeling fully comfortable when up on the air, train tracks, for wheels on the open road!

What is Your best way to travel?

Songs of the Day:

Arctic Monkeys – Do You Wanna Know?  &  Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

My Weekend… BFW, Movies, PLL, & Parklife

Some pics from my weekend! Finally got to see my college Roomie!

DeeDee & On the Way to BFW

DeeDee & Me On the Way to BFW

Lauren-Roomie & Me!

Lauren-Roomie & Me!

Sooo Classy! Chanel would be proud haha

Sooo Classy! Chanel would be proud haha

DeeDee & Alex

DeeDee & Alex

A more decent & poised me!

A more decent & poised me!

Dee @BarLola... Lauren, Dee, & me went for Tapas after the show!!! We <3 Bar Lola

Dee @BarLola… Lauren, Dee, & me went for Tapas after th

Sunday Hippie feelings & Mirror Sunnies!
Sunday Hippie feelings & Mirror Sunnies!

Super cool look from a girl at the Le Défilé show.

Just Love her look! The glasses I want but forgot to ask her where she got them... I'm thinking Warby Parker!

Just Love her look! The glasses I want but forgot to ask her where she got them… I’m thinking Warby Parker!

Loving the Socks & She has great legs!

Loving the Socks & She has great legs!

Weekend Song – Justin Timberlake & Jay Z… HERE

Hope everyone had a nice & safe weekend!

Boston Fashion Week!

Yesterday I went to one of the shows of Boston Fashion Week (BFW) and I am very happy I went. The show was beautiful and just being part of the whole atmosphere is just lovely for me! I love Fashion Shows and I have been to others before but it was mainly because I went to a college full of Fashion Design students but I had never gone too much out of my way to go to any shows because I figured they would be too expensive or I simply was intimidated to bring myself to such events. But seriously everyone should try going to a show at least once in their life, it is not that intimidating, it is possible for anyone to go obviously the HUGE fashion shows are harder to get into but to the small ones you could definitely buy tickets to. My advise is for anyone to just search search search, Google has all the answers on what is going on around your city. So get out there and try to experience a fashion show, a new event, or activity you have never experience before!

Here is a little Collage sneak peek… More pictures tomorrow morning!

Le Défilé – A French Fashion Show

Le Defile '13 BFW1Go Listen to Chris Medina – his voice is simply amazing, this song is going on repeat button!!! Awww it melts my heart to hear it! HERE enjoy!

Natt Natt! <3



Today I tried “Hot Chocolate with Blueberry Flavor” and it was pretty tasty! I was skeptical because the combination didn’t really sound appealing to me at first but sometimes I just enjoying trying new things in the name of search! How else are we suppose to discover new things and new “Likes” if we don’t try! Next time you are out there in the world try something new, experiment, explore! Sometimes you will be disappointed but somethings you may just be blown off your feet but you won’t know unless you try!

Hot Chocolate with Blueberry Flavor! Yumm Yumm

Hot Chocolate with Blueberry Flavor! Yumm Yumm

I also stopped in a little store and bought these 2 hair ties which I guess are called Seamless Hair Ties. I kept seen them in magazines and blogs and just wanted to know for myself what is the “big” deal with these. Not sure yet but they sure are cute!

Seamless Hair Ties

Seamless Hair Ties

Give them Sunlight…

Martha & Dee’s Outfits two or three weeks ago, my posting time is not the greatest *__*

Martha: In a Sleek Black Bodysuit-American Apparel, Khaki pants-Love Culture, Belt-Forever 21, & Oxford shoes – Nordstrom Rack



Dee: Bringing Sexy Back in Checkers Top -her Mother bought in NY, Jeans – dELiA*s, & Zara – Flats


Martha’ s Grad Outfit


Martha Colorful & Fresh

Martha Colorful & Fresh

On a Brighter note, how cool & fresh is Martha looking with this outfit!? Love it!

Loved Martha’s Style for DeeDee’s Graduation… She looks so colorful, cool, and fresh even though we were sitting in the burning sun at 93°F/33°C… We literally were dying from the heat, we got awesomely sunburned *sigh* but all in all we were happy to celebrate Dee’s big day!

Martha is Wearing…
Top: Nordstrom Rack
Shorts: Forever21
Belt: H & M
Sunnies: American Eagle
Sandals: Target