What Matters to You?

Lately there is a lot more talk about organizing, being aware of what you have, of what is necessary, of minimalism, and overall simplifying your life.

My “Simplification process” started the minute I packed my bags and moved to Slovakia though I didn’t realize it then. It hit me when I returned home over a year later, I looked at the insane amount of things I had in my bedroom which I lived without just perfectly in Slovakia. So because I was going a bit insane with the chaos of all that I had, I grabbed some trash bags and started the process to declutter my room and therefore having a domino effect on also getting my life decluttered. I packed about 12 bags (13 gallon trash bags) of clothing, shoes, and handbags, and gave them all away. I felt like I could fly with all the peace and serenity I felt once I had my bedroom cleaned and free of things that served me no actual purpose.

FullSizeRender (9)

I felt as light as a feather…

I think the process of simplifying things in our lives is so necessary especially now in a world full of information, things can get out of hand quite easily. So take time to check what areas of your life need “decluttering.” Analyzing What Matters To YOU. Because at the end of the day the one who needs to be happy is You.

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.” -Esther Hicks, The Vortex Book.

This is what is clear to me & I believe to be an Universal Truth… once We all realize and analyze the things that actually bring meaning to our life rather than a constant need for possessing things of no actual value or purpose to us. When we accomplish this we will have some control of the chaos we have created in our societies.

***The Universal desire of Everyone no matter race, ethnicity, skin color, sexual preference, economic status, self identification etc is to Live a Happy, Healthy, & Fulfilled Life where there is enough time to spend with Loved ones as well as time for Doing the Things We Love. Period.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 3.39.02 PMMusic! This month I have been listening to a lot of soothing music like Enya and “Theta Cure 20 – Binaural Music” which I found on the Insight Timer App which is for meditating.

James & Evander – Constellating

CNCO – Reggaetón Lento

Of Monsters and Men – Your Bones

Helen Jane Long – Eclipse