Over 1 Month…

Blog is been so sooo long… I have to say it has been a mixture of procrastination, lots of things going on, and of course me judging myself extra hard on whatever I put on the blog which makes it harder to just whip up something quickly and hitting the “Publish” button…

But anywho here is a bit of what has been going on:

I quit my job! – It was planned, I didn’t just go Bananas and quit, I had been saving some money just so I could quit, travel a bit, and just simply enjoy myself for a little bit.

One of my Best Friends, Katinka came to visit me from Germany!!! We spend 2 weeks together! I’m so happy she came, and I am so thankful to have a best friend like Katinka in my life! I can’t wait to see her again soon hopefully!!! And at some point I will write a bit about what we did in our 2 weeks of vaca!

After Katinka left, I decided to finally make my way to my country Dominican Republic!!! God, I am so Thankful for my little time in my country! More on that coming next…

Lastly, my little cousin’s graduation from College!!! Gosh I am so PROUD of her!!!! Caro, is more than a little sister to me, I gladly give my life for her without even thinking it, I got so much love for my little rat and to see her graduate from college is just unbelievable! Beyond happy for her accomplishments!!!

It’s been over 1 month, can’t believe how fast time has pass!

The Highlight of the Over 1 Month Hiatus!

The Highlight of the Over 1 Month Hiatus!

Can’t not end this post without a song… so here Vitamin C Friends Forever – the BEST graduation song EVER!!!

Beijosss! 🙂