1800-Contacts – YOU ROCK!

And the “BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD” goes to “1800-Contacts

Wow seriously I have always been a huge fan of 1800-C but wow tonight they literally became my favorite online store ever. I recently bought a different brand of contacts which I had some type of allergic reaction to and there for I wanted to return them but was not sure if I could, I bought 90 contact lenses and still had 83 unused ones. I actually didn’t think I could return them so I logged in to 1800-C to check for their Customer Service number to call them tomorrow morning as it was nearly 1am but as I was looking up the contact number a little “Chat Now” screen popped up and at first I was like what the heck is 1 in the morning why are these people working but I decided to write and goodness I am beyond happy I did. A girl name Kimberly, that probably is not her real name but whatever Kimberly was a amazing, helped me with the entire process, a new box with my usual contact is on is way as I write this and I only had to pay a small difference as my new contacts are more pricy.

1800-C seriously big thank you for been beyond simple to use, fast, and incredibly hassle-free. Thank you for an amazing customer service experience and keeping us blind people seeing better and also preventing many many accidents. hehe

***Please note that no one is paying me for this post, I simply want to write this because I love to give merit to those who deserve it.

Penny Boarding Dreams

Hello Blog World, how is it going?

This weekend I received my awesome Penny Board, gotta love Amazon for the fast delivery. I have wanted to learn to skateboard for as long as I can remember, note I have never wished to become a professional skateboarder, all I want is to learn how to cruise around on a skateboard which is why I decided to buy the Penny. But it took me quite a long time to actually buy myself a board, you see the problem was the I always consider my “skateboarding” more of a small dream and the one time I mentioned it to my cousins one of them even said “You’re so going through phase” and I felt truly bother by the comment because phase or no phase I think is important to not let go of things we really want, to not let go of our little or big dreams because they make us who we are and as we let go of them we become more and more bitter after time. I have met one too many bitter people in my life and I truly believe that the reason for their bitterness is from letting go of their dreams. So don’t ever let go, hold on tight and dream on friends. Never Let Go.

IMG_1430I really have been loving watching Ben Brown on Youtube, I really like his positive outlook on life and something he said in one of his videos adds to this post. He said “You gotta push your limits you know… You gotta learn, you know try these things, if you don’t try these things you won’t learn how good you can be at something.” – Ben Brown

So regardless if is “just a phase” or “life long dream” go for it, give it a try, like Ben says you won’t know unless you try, and trying is everything.

Super short video of me because I was afraid to record for too long and fall on my face haha

Favorite songs right now:

Sam Garrret – Don’t let go (Thanks Ben & so appropriate for the post!)

V/V – Champagne (Clearly I have been watching to many of Ben’s videos, haha)

Hi-Rez – The City (In love with this video and with Ana Maria Suzano, her skateboarding skills are sublime!)