Art at Paneche

As I said in the intro I LOVE LOVE art, art is pure inspiration and this is what this blog is about, I will try to photograph all the Art I see from now on and post it here for anyone to see! One piece of art may mean nothing to you but to someone else it could mean so much and that is what I love about art. Here are some art pieces from two OR three weeks ago when I went for coffee at Paneche Coffee with my cousins Martha & Dee. I completely forgot to write down the name of the artist but luckily I was there again today and I wrote down the names! Enjoy!

Artist - Gesa Lehnert

Artist – Gesa Lehnert

Artist- Gesa Lehnert

Artist- Gesa Lehnert

Artist - Peter DeSimone

Artist – Peter DeSimone

Artist - Peter DeSimone

Artist – Peter DeSimone

Artist - Peter DeSimone

Artist – Peter DeSimone

***Soon I will make a post with tons of other art pics I have taken over the years and I will post some of my own art!

Wine Picnic

Yup all we brought to our picnic was wine, #alcoholicproblems, just kidding we had food before heading to the park so we decided to skip that whole bring snacks part and just brought wine, water, and chips for our cousin who is with child and can’t obviously not sip sip on the wine like us alchys. Some pics from our lazy Saturday afternoon & other weekend things:
Have I told you We LOVE #parklife?

IMG_0811 IMG_0817 IMG_0852 IMG_0848 IMG_0807 IMG_0835 IMG_0853 IMG_6772 IMG_6780 photo(5)


  1. In our Pickinikki Time!
  2. No pics please, no no
  3. Dead & Alive Flowers
  4. My Cousin Yury – is almost time to meet the little princess, 2 more weeks!
  5. Dee Smiling for the Papz
  6. Sunsetting at is finest!
  7. She got Alcoholic Problems don’t mess with her. Hahaha
  8. $1 so we can go to college, $5 so we don’t have to go! @Mad Willie’s
  9. Paneche Coffee, sorry Starbucks I have been shamelessly cheating on you.
  10. Mayan Coffee & Chocolate Croissant @Paneche Coffee

Give them Sunlight…

Martha & Dee’s Outfits two or three weeks ago, my posting time is not the greatest *__*

Martha: In a Sleek Black Bodysuit-American Apparel, Khaki pants-Love Culture, Belt-Forever 21, & Oxford shoes – Nordstrom Rack



Dee: Bringing Sexy Back in Checkers Top -her Mother bought in NY, Jeans – dELiA*s, & Zara – Flats


Put on your Hiking Shoes… Huh? Eh?

Yesterday we decided to do some hiking! If you would had asked me to go hiking a few years ago I would had probably said “Yeah, sure” and would have never actually end up going because I would had found some reason to flake. But lately I am in some sort of Nature Loving Mode and you know what is pretty damn nice because I am finally more active and doing some exercise. Even though I didn’t go H.A.M. like my super gym/exercise loving cousins I walked which is better than nothing at all.

We tried out a new park, it was beautiful though it also reminded me of Jeepers Creepers because of all the corn hahaha (that’s a hahaha for I would never walk this park alone at night kind of hahaha)

But is definitely worth a visit & I will certainly be back (obviously with my cousins never alone  hehe 😉

Le Park

Le Park

Skippy Dee

Skippy Dee

Le Flower

Le Flower

Rocky Rocks

Rocky Rocks

Into the Woods

Into the Woods

View from the inside out...

View from the inside out…

Aguita Rockerita

Aguita Rockerita

And take you for a ride on my Red Red Tractor... We can go slow or make it go faster...

And take you for a ride on my Red Red Tractor… We can go slow or make it go faster…

Not a bad place to exercise right?



Cloudy Saturday

Trying to entertain ourselves on a Cloudy Saturday of “summer”… Where are you Sun? Summer?

IMG_06231. DeeDee & Martha at the coffee shop, caught them at the right moment!

IMG_06182. Pretty Art @Paneche Coffee – I have more art pics coming soon!IMG_07103. After coffee we decided to go for a walk at our favorite park but due to the heat & humidity we only walked the park once.IMG_07524. Pretty Flower at the park!

IMG_07285. I love the angles in this little “nook” and asked the girls to pose for a pic, at first they looked too “posey” but somehow I got a nice natural pic of a giggly moment they were having!



6. My Converse! – a little present I got for myself in my NYC trip about 3 weeks ago! Will have to post a whole post about that trip which was a lot of fun!

All in all it was a pretty relaxed weekend, didn’t do much which was more than okay with me as sometimes those days of sitting around in Pjs, eating popcorn, and watching TV Shows are just needed from time to time!

*Tonight I will try “Rockin Vinyasa” super excited about trying this new yoga class though I have to admit I am wicked intimidated to not do so great in this class but at least I will go try and see, hope I don’t fall on face.

Martha’ s Grad Outfit


Martha Colorful & Fresh

Martha Colorful & Fresh

On a Brighter note, how cool & fresh is Martha looking with this outfit!? Love it!

Loved Martha’s Style for DeeDee’s Graduation… She looks so colorful, cool, and fresh even though we were sitting in the burning sun at 93°F/33°C… We literally were dying from the heat, we got awesomely sunburned *sigh* but all in all we were happy to celebrate Dee’s big day!

Martha is Wearing…
Top: Nordstrom Rack
Shorts: Forever21
Belt: H & M
Sunnies: American Eagle
Sandals: Target



Be Careful of What you Say…


Today I am infuriated…

Someone very close and dear to me has gone out of their way to make me feel like complete S**t about myself, and that is simply not okay specially when is coming from those we love.

(NOTE- the even though I am burning with Anger at the moment I still love this person to death and beyond)

It takes a lot of me to get angry but this has been going on for a while and I simply had to put down on words how hurtful just a few little words can turn out in our heads. Because that problem is not what you say is how you say it… Here is something I wrote today when I simply felt like exploding because enough is enough…

Stop Comparing Your Life to Others… Specially to those around you…

  • No one gets out of this Life without going through obstacles.
  • You are not the last coke in the dessert, we all go through problems, we all have ups & downs.
  • Don’t think that you are the only one who has sweated to get where you are now.
  • Don’t base what you see on the surface for what is truly in the inside.
  • We ALL go through the same struggles though these struggles come in different form for each of us they are still struggles nonetheless.
  • Nothing is handed to anyone, nothing.
  • We make our own choices – so think wisely of how you judge others.
  • Stop thinking that you are some sort of God/Goddess Master of the Universe, you are not.
  • Be HUMBLE.
  • No one—no one has the right to tell someone else what they “ought” to do.
  • Don’t speak just to speak, note that your words could affect others.
  • Is okay to ask though it is not okay to demand anything of anyone.
  • Always remember WE are ALL equal =
  • We are all Humans.

Spanish version:

Hoy estoy furiosa …

Alguien muy cercano y querido para mí ha salido de su camino para hacerme sentir como  si yo fuese una M**** A  y eso no es más que inaceptable, sobre todo cuando viene de aquellos que queremos.

(NOTA: a pesar de que estoy ardiendo de rabia en este momento todavía amo a esta persona a la muerte y el más allá.)

Se necesita mucho de mí para que me enoje pero esto ha estado sucediendo desde hace un tiempo y simplemente tenía que poner en palabras lo dañino que  sólo unas cuantas pequeñas palabras pueden convertirse en nuestra cabeza. Porque el problema no es lo que dices es cómo lo dices … Aquí hay algo que escribí hoy cuando simplemente sentí al punto de explotar porque ya es suficiente …

Deja de comparar tu vida a los demás … Especialmente a los que te rodean …

• Nadie sale de esta vida sin tener que ir a través de obstáculos.
• No eres la última coca-cola en el desierto, todos pasamos por problemas, todos tenemos altibajos.
• No pienses que eres es el único/a que ha sudado para llegar a donde estás ahora.
• No bases lo que se ve en la superficie a lo que realmente esta en el interior de una persona.
• Todos pasamos por las mismas dificultades,  aunque la lucha  sea diferente para cada uno de nosotros todavía son luchas.
• Nada es gratis, a nadie le dan nada gratis, nada.
• Nosotros tomamos nuestras propias decisiones – por lo que deberíamos pensar sabiamente de cómo juzgar a los demás.
• Deja de pensar que eres una especie de Dios / Diosa Amo del Universo, no lo eres.
• Nadie, nadie tiene el derecho de decirle a otra persona lo que “debería” hacer.
• Piensa con cautela.
• No hables sólo por hablar, recuerda que tus palabras podrían afectar a otros.
• Recuerde siempre que todos somos iguales.
• Todos somos seres humanos.