1800-Contacts – YOU ROCK!

And the “BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD” goes to “1800-Contacts

Wow seriously I have always been a huge fan of 1800-C but wow tonight they literally became my favorite online store ever. I recently bought a different brand of contacts which I had some type of allergic reaction to and there for I wanted to return them but was not sure if I could, I bought 90 contact lenses and still had 83 unused ones. I actually didn’t think I could return them so I logged in to 1800-C to check for their Customer Service number to call them tomorrow morning as it was nearly 1am but as I was looking up the contact number a little “Chat Now” screen popped up and at first I was like what the heck is 1 in the morning why are these people working but I decided to write and goodness I am beyond happy I did. A girl name Kimberly, that probably is not her real name but whatever Kimberly was a amazing, helped me with the entire process, a new box with my usual contact is on is way as I write this and I only had to pay a small difference as my new contacts are more pricy.

1800-C seriously big thank you for been beyond simple to use, fast, and incredibly hassle-free. Thank you for an amazing customer service experience and keeping us blind people seeing better and also preventing many many accidents. hehe

***Please note that no one is paying me for this post, I simply want to write this because I love to give merit to those who deserve it.

Penny Boarding Dreams

Hello Blog World, how is it going?

This weekend I received my awesome Penny Board, gotta love Amazon for the fast delivery. I have wanted to learn to skateboard for as long as I can remember, note I have never wished to become a professional skateboarder, all I want is to learn how to cruise around on a skateboard which is why I decided to buy the Penny. But it took me quite a long time to actually buy myself a board, you see the problem was the I always consider my “skateboarding” more of a small dream and the one time I mentioned it to my cousins one of them even said “You’re so going through phase” and I felt truly bother by the comment because phase or no phase I think is important to not let go of things we really want, to not let go of our little or big dreams because they make us who we are and as we let go of them we become more and more bitter after time. I have met one too many bitter people in my life and I truly believe that the reason for their bitterness is from letting go of their dreams. So don’t ever let go, hold on tight and dream on friends. Never Let Go.

IMG_1430I really have been loving watching Ben Brown on Youtube, I really like his positive outlook on life and something he said in one of his videos adds to this post. He said “You gotta push your limits you know… You gotta learn, you know try these things, if you don’t try these things you won’t learn how good you can be at something.” – Ben Brown

So regardless if is “just a phase” or “life long dream” go for it, give it a try, like Ben says you won’t know unless you try, and trying is everything.

Super short video of me because I was afraid to record for too long and fall on my face haha

Favorite songs right now:

Sam Garrret – Don’t let go (Thanks Ben & so appropriate for the post!)

V/V – Champagne (Clearly I have been watching to many of Ben’s videos, haha)

Hi-Rez – The City (In love with this video and with Ana Maria Suzano, her skateboarding skills are sublime!)

We make our beds and we sleep in it…

We make our beds and we sleep in it…

That obviously sounds better in Spanish but here are a few points I am trying to make:

“We” — Humans… Yes, Us humans love to complain about the circumstances in our lives all the time, heck I do it all the time too but I also stop myself and smack myself a bit from time to time because seriously all problems we usually have, we brought it upon ourselves in some away or another, unless is of problems of nature.

We forget to pay a bill and it gets sent to a collection agency and of course we blame the company “that did us wrong” it is never our fault… but don’t you think that if you would have called this company at the start of the issue and asked them for some type of payment plan, that you wouldn’t be in this situation now?

Another circumstance for example is when one is handed opportunities, money, or whatever good thing but some of us never learn how to appreciate it, how to prospect from that, how to help ourselves from the hole that we are in, we somehow just waste the money or miss out on the opportunity and dig ourselves deeper into our hole again.

We get to comfortable, somehow even in our hole we find comfort between excuse after excuse and we get afraid to dig ourselves out so we blame it all on “God”, “the universe”, the “stupid bill collector”, “bad karma” that is “following us” etc etc… I believe that if you do good the universe would give “good” back to you so sometimes it maybe good to just check ourselves and see where in our lives we are messing around with karma and doing something wrong.

There is, cause and effect for all that we do but somehow we never seem to grasp this concept… we party too much we have to pay for it the next day with a hangover, we eat too much we gain weight, we charge too many useless things on our credit cards we have to pay for it later, we leave our homework for the last minute but it is not our fault it is the teacher’s fault for giving us the assignment a month in advance and not reminding us of it… catching the point?

The thing behind the title “we make our beds and sleep in it” is in regards to all the things that we do without thinking that there would be consequences so therefore we are ‘forced” to lay on our beds and deal with it as best we can. But we often don’t, we like to blame anything and everyone and just make it worse for ourselves. We hate to admit that maybe it was our fault, we forgot the homework, maybe it was our fault we bought too many unnecessary things with credit card money, maybe it was that my friend didn’t let me borrow enough money to pay my ticket etc…. The point is we love to complain and complain that we have “bad luck” and “bad karma” when in reality most of the things that happen to us we bring upon ourselves. But one thing is certain, we don’t have to stay in our “hole” or dig ourselves dipper which is why is important to look for help and inspiration wherever we may find it. Is important to pick ourselves up, face our issues, move on, hopefully learn, and try to become a better person from that experience.

Example: someone near me always has a messy car, so one time me and a few others decided to do something nice and clean this person’s car in hope that this will help her get a fresh start and that she wouldn’t be frustrated anymore. She of course appreciated and was super thankful at the moment but in the matter of weeks her car went back to messy… so you see sometimes even when we help or give people the opportunity to dig themselves out of the hole they are in, they are just too “comfortable” and loose their sense of sight and worth so much that they much rather stay “in the safety” of their hole.

Those are my few cents on complains faults, karmas, lucks, the universe or whatever you wish to call it. Just some food for thought as they say!

Hope this post doesn’t bring anyone down but that it makes you think and reflect on those things you do and the cause and effects these things have.

*Also I want you to know that We ALL are capable of “saving” ourselves, if we look to find balance we will find it, and life will start to look brighter, better, and the hole will start to disappear little by little.

IMG_2459I love Bukowski so thought this quote was appropriate for the topic! And how cool is the pink effect I gave 1 of the many cloud pictures I took this summer! I went totally insane photographing clouds but I guess now I found a purpose for all of those cloud pictures! hahaha

Song of the day! Röyksopp ft. Susanne Sundfør – Running To The Sea – HERE

Have a Wonderful Weekend! :) <3

Traveling Notes

Had my lovely cousin Carito model the Map I bought just to write that Awesome quote on!

Had my lovely cousin Carito model the Map I bought just to write that Awesome quote on!

If there is something I do love to achieve with this blog is to inspire anyone to travel! Traveling by far has given me the best experiences I have ever imagine, it has boost my confidence, given me energy to see and do more, in general it has been the best thing that I have ever done. People always say that ‘traveling is not cheap’ when in fact traveling can be done quite cheap if you travel smart. “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”- Author Unknown. I wholeheartedly believe that traveling does in fact make you richer, there is not enough LV, Christians Loubitons, or Chanel that will amount to what I have gained from traveling… I do enjoy luxury but at this moment in my life owning those things don’t matter so much to me therefore I prefer to make myself richer and happier The Traveling Way!

Dani’s Traveling Notes:

  • Please travel!
  • When ever there is an opportunity to travel, take it!
  • Be nice to everyone you meet you never know who could invite you on the next best trip of your life.  (Or just be nice because we are all on the same boat no need to be a troll with anyone for no reason)
  • Use your resources, perhaps your Dad/Mom/Friend of a friend has a friend down in Australia…Why not contacted them see if they will let you stay there for a few days & voilà you get to experience Australia!
  • Use the internet! The internet has so much information that I know is hard to focus on one thing when there is a million out there but seriously just look and you will find ways.
  • Use Couchsurfing & HostelWorld for accommodations on a budget! I also got pretty good traveling packages via European Destinations & Bookit for two of my vacas!
  • Save, learn to save money even if is not a lot always try to put something away for a rainy day… you know after a year of saving $100 every month it will add up to $1200, that may not be a lot too some people but $1200 will sure get you a pretty decent vacation if you look for the good deals.
  • Buy flights on Tuesday mornings, just do it! It totally works!
  • Plan ahead but not so ahead that you may have too much time for doubts & fear to creep up on you.
  • Eat like the locals! When you eat at touristy places you will pay more for your dish, so ask around when you reach this new destination.
  • Don’t stay just in your circle of friends meet other people when you travel- again meeting people can come in very handy, could be the key to your next destination!
  • Embrace the culture of the place you are in, if you go to India and all you want to eat is McDonald’s then what is really the point of been there in the first place?
  • If you are in college go study abroad, I have never heard anyone say a single bad thing about studying abroad.
  • Envision yourself once you are back home from your trip a few years down the road… Would you be patting yourself on the back for the courage you had back then or would you be lamenting that you let the years go by and still haven’t visit that Temple you have been dying to see in person? But hey if you haven’t NOW is a great time so GO!
  • Don’t assume that traveling means getting on a plane, there are places you know nothing about only a car ride away so take those trips too, they are important!
  • Don’t worry so much about all the details of your trip just get on the plane and let the adventures begin!

Wow I could literally go on and on with more of this travel tips but I don’t want to bore anyone so there it is a few notes on traveling!

HERE ThatVictoria – by far my favorite ‘packing/backpacking” video! Just Love it!

I will make a “Wanderlust Playlist” soon!

But HERE is the Song of the Day! -Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People

tumblr_mpzgxgAVQX1sp26bho1_1280Go on See the World & all it has to offer! ENJOY. EMBRACE. RELAX. LEARN!

Life can be just like Riding a Bike

“The only truth there may be certainty in is that life is always going to be like riding bike. At first we are full of fear, doubts, and excitement but once the feet touch the pedal the going gets going & all we do is push forward. Yes we may fail or forget to pedal sometimes but is nothing more than getting back on that bike and doing just what we have always been doing pushing forward.” #sopedalmyfriend

*Something I wrote to myself a little while ago when I was feeling a bit nervous of starting something new.

Love this pic I found in Google!Song of the Day! HERE -  Secrets – OneRepublic (LIVE Piano/Cello Classical Crossover Cover) by Jennifer Thomas

Enjoy :) <3

Don’t Let Anyone discourage you…

Yesterday I woke up in a great mood, made myself delicious breakfast and then decided that it was about time for me to write another post but before I started writing by some stupidity I clicked on a video and I felt completely discourage after hearing the video about writing because in the video the girl goes on and on about how much she dislike “personal blogs” specially if they are from a “nobody/not well know” person. But you know what today I was like F-that I enjoy writing, I write this blog for the pure enjoyment of writing, if someone wants to come along to read it is great! And of course I hope people read it and comment etc… but I am not going to stop writing just because I am not consider a “well known” person, I am still a human being and in my book that counts for a lot so that next time you hear or read something that discourages you from something you enjoy DO NOT listen. You matter, I matter, everyone matters so do what you love and send Flower Bombs to anyone who wants to make you fall off your Unicorn!

inspire someone Ain't no Stopping1Little Inspo pic… A Peace Diner I made… Me-last night…& Breakfast from yesterday-YUM!

So instead of pulling each other down let’s inspire each other, to do more, to be more, to be brave, to be the best that we can be! :)

Sara BareillesBrave – I had posted this one before but it doesn’t get old & it suits this post!

Last Post of 2013!

Time flies!!! Wow it feels like the years, months, weeks, weekends, days, and everything is getting shorter and shorter. Where does the Time go?

Early tomorrow morning I am heading to NYC to spend New Year with Family, Friends, & hopefully even some new friends! Hope everyone gets to enjoy a nice & safe New Year’s Eve/Day! But of course get a little tipsy as there is nothing wrong with that! ;)

I like writing quotes inside pictures so here is a little Inspiration Picture Quote for 2014 & hopefully many more years to come!


Final Songs…

Young the Giant-Cough Syrup-To make you think a little & go all Aristotle before New Year!

Florence+The Machine – Shake it Out - To shake the negativity off!

F+TheM-Dog Days Are Over – You made it through 2013, the Dogs Days are over man! ;)

Taio Cruz – Hangover - Of Course to Party Hardy an appropriate PARTYyyy Song!!!

 Have a Wonderful 2014!!!!! Toodaloo :*

NYC Trip – Finally!

During Summer my best friend Loh & Me decided to take a NYC trip, we have both already visit NYC but we figured it will be a little nice to take a trip and really enjoy the city. 3 of my favorite things from this trip was trying Couchsurfing for the first time! Meeting new amazing people who made me laugh harder than I had laugh in a very very long time! And discovering a little Island I had never heard of which is right in NYC!

Lets talk through pictures now!

Lovie, Me, & the lady who photobomb Lovie haha

Lovie, Me, & the lady who photobomb Lovie hahaWe are both wearing Sunglasses from an awesome vintage store called Flying A!

Roosevelt Island - How cool is this little Island!? Beyond peaceful there too, is like having NY & the peace of the Countryside all in one!

Roosevelt Island - How cool is this little Island!? Beyond peaceful there too, is like having NY & the peace of the Countryside all in one!

Walking to take the train to NYC or you can also take The Tram - The Roosevelt Island Tramway is an aerial tramway in New York City that spans the East River and connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan! AWESOME views!

Walking to take the train to NYC or you can also take The Tram – The Roosevelt Island Tramway is an aerial tramway in New York City that spans the East River and connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan! AWESOME views!

Amazing Bridge view & Friends hanging in the little park in Roosevelt Island. Love it! #Parklife

Amazing Bridge view & Friends hanging in the little park in Roosevelt Island. Love it! #Parklife

The Cutest Apartment - thank you Evan for giving me an Awesome First Couchsurfing Experience

The Cutest Apartment – thank you Evan for giving me an Awesome First Couchsurfing Experience… Not the best picture but I didn’t want to intrude too much, it was nice enough that we got to stay at his place completely free!

With Our Awesome Host - Evan!

With Our Awesome Host – Evan!

Some Street Art of Course!

Some Street Art!

Some Bathroom Art! I LOVE bathroom art or any type of bathroom silliness that catches my eye!

Some Bathroom Art! I LOVE bathroom art or any type of bathroom silliness that catches my eye!

We had to check the a museum so to the Metropolitan Museum of Art we went! This place is huge so definitely you need a lot of hours or a few visits to cover the whole thing.

We had to check a museum so to the Metropolitan Museum of Art we went! This place is huge so definitely you need a lot of hours or a few visits to cover the entire place.

When on Vacation... one thing is certain you will eat, eat, drink, eat, and then eat and drink again!That's me on the corner trying Escargot for the first time- LOVE IT! Don't let the disgusted face fool you is just a little joke.

When on Vacation… one thing is certain you will eat, eat, drink, eat, and then eat and drink again!
That’s me on the corner trying Escargot for the first time- LOVE IT! Don’t let the disgusted face fool you is just a little joke. Bistro Les Amis!

We went to Ana Carolina's Concert - a famous Brazilian singer, she was unbelievable, so happy we went to see her! BTW I have an fascination with Brazilian culture, people, language!

We went to Ana Carolina’s Concert - a famous Brazilian singer, she was unbelievable, so happy we went to see her! BTW I have a fascination with Brazilian culture, people, language, simply love them!

Some where in Brooklyn - here we went to a Couchsurfing "meeting" aka we met some cool couchsurfers & got tipsy!

After the Concert we went Clubbing!


Some where in Brooklyn – here we went to a Couchsurfing “meeting” aka we met some cool couchsurfers & got tipsy!

For Chocolate Lovers!

For Chocolate Lovers!

Really Beautiful Place - MarieBelle @484 Broome St.

Really Beautiful Place – MarieBelle @484 Broome St.

Chocolate Galore!!! inside MarieBelle

Chocolate Galore!!! inside MarieBelle

Last Day- we had a picnic in Roosevelt Island! #Parklife

Last Day- we had a picnic in Roosevelt Island! #Parklife

Had to leave my mark in NYC hahaha

Had to leave my mark in NYC hahaha

Enjoy your Sunday! Or Happy Monday! :)

The Thing About New Year’s Resolutions…

List to Do for ‘13!

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” – Charles Bukowski …  LET’S CHANGE THIS! – Me
  1. Be HappyDon’t forget the Contract!
  2. 1 Trip Abroad
  3. Go See Grandparents -DR
  4. See another State
  5. Do Yoga 5 times a week
  6. Save money – NO impulse shopping
  7. Read 15 Books – pending LC, FS/3, HG/3, TWOWS, & Stoker’s Dracula.
  8. Take GRE
  9. Write & Paint more often
  10. Learn Photography
  11. Bedroom Renovation
  12. DON’T Forget ALL you have accomplished at such a young age!
  13. Less time Apologizing & More time Doing Right.
  14. Dear Dani, Please Finish what You Start!

Pursue a job that’s in keeping with your love of ART, MUSIC, & BEAUTY.

The thing about New Year’s Resolutions is that we often expect too much therefore when we don’t accomplish all these “resolutions” we feel completely unaccomplished.  But I think it is still important to write them down so we can come back to it by the end of the year and see what we have accomplished. BUT one thing I think is pointless is telling the whole world your “New Year’s Resolutions” because it won’t help you in my opinion if you truly want to accomplish something the cheers from those around you will help but at the end of the day is really up to you to move forward with your wishes and desires.

Here are all the details on how my whole List went down…

I made this list at the beginning of 2013 because I wanted a few things to change in my life, if I was going to be happy I needed to make these changes to my life. So far I have to say I have not accomplished all that it is on the “To Do List” but I am pretty happy with what I have done so far. 1 – Being happy, I have definitely being a lot more happy this year, I feel like I have a better sense of what I want and I am trying my best to cope with life as a real working adult. The part about the contract is a contract I made with my cousin & roommate about being happy. 2 – Sadly I have not taken any trips abroad but I did go to NYC & Florida. 3 – Sadly I didn’t accomplish this one. 4 – I have not seen a new State but I did see Roosevelt Island, an island I had never heard of that lies between Manhattan and the borough of Queens. 5 – Okay, I have not become a professional Yoggi but I have definitely done more Yoga than ever this year, I signed up for a entire month of Bikram and loved it, have not gone to many more classes after that month because yoga is pricey but I use YouTube videos at home to keep doing Yoga at least once per week! 6 – I have finally learn to save money! I have used a lot of what I have saved but I have actually saved money and not touched it for months which is incredible considering I am the worse at saving money because I always want to live in the “now” and NOT later, soon I will write a post on my saving technique! 7 – Reading 15 books – this one I have failed at miserably, I have barely read 6 books so far, I have read a lot of blogs and articles but 15 full books no. 8 – The dreadful GRE uggghhh I do not want to take that damn test, I HATE long test, and still have not taken it. 9 – I have definitely being writing a lot more specially now that I started the blog btw my apologies for the LONG post. As for painting I signed up for a painting class and it was AMAZING, it was super chill but it taught me and help me so much, I have taken it twice already that’s how much I love it! 10 – I decided to use some of my taxes and invest in a DSLR Camera, I completely LOVE how awesome and clear the pictures are BUT I have to admit that I take pretty good pictures simply with my iPhone 4S, and I am really starting to believe that the quality of the pictures is more on how good the person is at capturing a moment/lighting than the actual quality of the camera itself. ALSO learning photography is something that is ongoing and you know what they say “Practice makes perfect!”  11 – A Full Bedroom Renovation has not happened but a few new improvements have being made. 12 – I am constantly reminding myself all that I have accomplished at such a young age and I even wrote it all down once, is important to remind ourselves of our worth. 13 – The apologizing part comes because of the word “Sorry” which is truly a hated word of mine because I feel that in the States we use it so much that the word has actually started to loose is meaning for me, so now I only try to use it when I truly mean it. 14 – This last one makes me laugh because seriously I am so great at starting anything but sometimes I started to self doubt myself and loose interest in finishing what I’ve started though little by little I try to push myself a little harder every time and that is what life is “trying” we are constantly trying to better ourselves, to survive, to enjoy, & to be happy as much as we can because we are only certain of YOLO.(Shameful but I totally needed to use YOLO here)

Does anyone out there makes these a “To Do List” or “New Year’s Resolutions”?

Line from the movie  "Un amour de jeunesse"

Line from the movie “Un amour de jeunesse”

Mi Quisqueya La Bella

Xmas Downtown Boston '13

Xmas Downtown Boston ’13

Damn I miss DR… today I am feeling beyond nostalgic for my little island, for the grandiose Christmas spirit such a tiny island can have. It is Christmas Eve and I am sitting at my desk working a half-day, if I was in DR I do be at the market picking up grapes, apples, and Telera (very famous bread Dominican’s eat around Christmas time). Growing up in DR I remember Christmas was such an extra special occasion, even when I didn’t get to spend it with my father, mother or brother Christmas was still very special to me. Is funny but even something like eating apples & grapes was extremely special because I would only get to eat them around Christmas time, here in the USA apples and grapes are super abundant all year-round therefore it is no longer a thing I wait anxiously for. Is funny how not having things at the tips of your hands really makes you appreciate it them so much more.

One fun thing I remember is the “Aguinaldos” this is very strange but super cool, you get together with your friends and neighbors and go around houses singing Christmas songs with a drum, guira, and acordeon. Usually you are given ginger tea, coffee, cookies, hot chocolate, or any other little treat when you get to the houses or also one house could be assigned to have sort of “the last stop” and this is where everyone gathers to have jengibre-ginger tea! This ginger tea is super famous around Christmas time in DR.

I remember having very simple Christmas trees in DR… I will cut a branch, paint it white, decorate it and voilà there is my Dominican Christmas Tree! Once I decorated the tree with this gummy candy that comes in separate wrappers, aslo another thing you don’t get to have all the time is just sort more famous around Christmas over there. Also I never received gift on Christmas morning usually my gift will come on the 6 of January by the Three Kings and not Santa. We usually have a few Secret Santas, in school, with close friends, and family. Another cool thing is Fireworks! Yes! We have Fireworks on Christmas Eve!

These little traditions and things is what I miss so much around this time of year.  I think what the problem is that I feel like I no longer have a set tradition, I no longer fully have a full on Dominican Christmas or a full on American Christmas. But don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy Christmas here too but sometimes I just can’t help to feel nostalgic of the feeling that Christmas was to me growing up in DR. But I am thankful and blessed to be able to share my new Christmas with the part of my family I didn’t get to celebrate with growing up and that’s a bright side! Another great thing I do really like of the “American” traditions are the whole sitting down to watch Christmas movies and baking cookies as I didn’t have this growing up.

I wish you all an exceptionally awesome Navidad anywhere in the World that you may be.

*Quisqueya is Dominican Republic – name the local’s use sometimes.

My Favorite English Christmas SongSarah McLachlanHappy Xmas

My Favortie Spanish Christmas Song is – Alegre Vengo de La Montaña

Merry Christmas!!! :)